Maintain your review profile

As soon as the contract between you and Trusted Shops has been concluded, a review profile will be created for your shop. On the one hand, all collected reviews and, if applicable, your corresponding answers are published in the review profile. On the other hand, you have the option to provide some information about your company in the profile.

Thanks to this mixture of review overview and company information, the review profile is an important source of information for all interested parties. With the help of the information in the profile, your customers will get an idea of what you have to offer and gain trust. To ensure this, you should enter your company information in the review profile at the beginning of your membership. We explain what you need to do for this in the following article.

What information can I present in the review profile?

With the help of the My Trusted Shops backend, you can enter a whole range of information into the review profile. You can provide the following information:

  • the name of your shop (max. 80 characters)
  • a summary describing your offer in brief (max. 50 characters)
  • a longer description text (max. 1,500 characters)
  • three categories relevant to your shop
  • the logo of your shop
With regard to your logo, please note the specified image size of 120 pixels in width and 30 pixels in height. In addition, the logo must be uploaded in one of the three file formats PNG, JPG or GIF.

In addition, further company data such as your contact details, your entry in the Trade register and your authorised representatives are entered in the Review Profile. This transparent and clear presentation is intended to further strengthen trust in your company. You do not have to enter this information into the review profile yourself. The information is already preset.

What do I have to do to enter the information in the review profile?

Once you have compiled the company information described above, you can enter it into your review profile via the My Trusted Shops backend. To do this, first log into the backend. Then move your cursor within the main navigation to the menu item "More" (01_16x16.png). Click on "Profiles" (02_16x16.png) within the drop-down menu that now opens up.


Now an overview will appear from which you can set the prepared company information. First select "Add category" (01_16x16.png) to choose the three categories that match your shop. Then click on "Upload" (02_16x16.png) to upload your shop logo. Finally, in the "Profile details" section you have the option of entering the name of your shop (03_16x16.png), the short summary (04_16x16.png) and the longer description text (05_16x16.png). Finally, click on "Save" (06_16x16.png) to transfer your settings to the review profile.

Now call up your review profile to check the adjustments you have made. You can access your review profile either via the Trustbadge integrated in your shop or via the link "Call up shop profile" within the overview "Profiles".

Do you have further questions about the review profile? In this article you will find more information: What is the review profile?

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