Can I use the Trustmark and the star ratings for my own marketing activities?

The Trusted Shops brand as well as our trust elements – the Trustmark and the star ratings – have a very good reputation amongst consumers. As a member of Trusted Shops, you easily benefit from this familiarity. With the Trustbadge® and our other products you have the opportunity to present the trust elements you have booked prominently in your shop to increase your own trustworthiness. But what about other marketing activities?

Can I use the trust elements outside my shop?

The trust-building effect of your Trusted Shops membership is not limited to your shop, but can also come into play throughout the entire customer journey. We would therefore naturally like to support you in also convincing your customers of your offer outside of your shop. For this reason you are also welcome to use the trust elements you have booked for other marketing and advertising activities.

Make it clear on all your channels that it is safe to shop in your online shop and extend the “Trusted Shops effect” to all points of contact with your customers: in advertising, during delivery, in after sales and in public relations activities.

During your planning, please note that marketing activities can naturally only use the trust elements that you have booked. For example, to use the Trustmark you need to have successfully go through the certification process.

Where can I use the trust elements?

In general there are no limits to your creativity when using our trust elements. To offer you a little inspiration we would like to present a couple of interesting options here.


With a newsletter you can regularly reach a large portion of your regular customers. Exclusive offers for your shop make newsletters an excellent way to continue encouraging this target group to place new orders. Reinforce this buying impulse by presenting our trust elements.



Digital advertising banners let you address specific customer groups who do not yet have any experience with your shop. Our trust elements help you generate awareness for your campaign thanks to their familiarity. They also effectively dispel possible concerns of the target group and therefore direct traffic to your shop.



The effect of our trust elements is not just limited to the digital space. The Trustmark and star ratings can also be used in printed flyers, brochures and advertising material to let you benefit from the trust bonus they trigger and convince customers to use your online shop.


In online shopping, the part that inspires the most fear and concern is the payment transaction. Give your customers a sense of security at this sensitive moment by clearly reminding them of your trustworthiness.

Outdoor advertising


Do you have a retail store that you can place billboards in front of? Or are you planning poster advertisements? Even in these environments, where attention can be generated in seconds, our familiar trust elements are reliable eye catchers.

Social media


Both newsletters and social networks are excellent channels to stay in touch with your customers and inspire them to make new orders. Support your social media campaigns with our trust elements and use them to increase your click rates.

TV advertisement

Trusted Shops elements also provide a tangible trust effect in TV commercials. Many of our members have already seen impressive evidence of this. Do you need support with the integration of the elements in your commercial? This website provides you with templates for your own animations, as well as valuable information about integrating our trust elements into your videos: Animation

What do I need to do if I want to use the trust elements?

The Trusted Shops trust elements can be easily integrated into your communication measures. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Develop a communication idea

To be able to use the Trustmark or the star ratings you have collected in your marketing, you naturally first need to come up with a communication idea. Depending on the goal that you want to pursue with your communication, you can then select the appropriate trust element. For example, during planning you can ask the following questions:

  • Who (target group) is the marketing measure aimed at?
  • What reaction by the target group are we hoping for?
  • Which channel is best to reach the target group?
  • Which Trusted Shops trust element can best help achieve the desired reaction from the target group?

Step 2: Integration of the trust elements in your campaign

Once you have developed your campaign concept, it is time to implement the idea. Start by downloading the design templates you need here: Boost your marketing with trust

You can then integrate them - with the possible support of a media design specialist - into your communication efforts.

Please take the following notes into account:

  • If you want to use a rating score in your communication, you are obligated to also include the date on which the rating score was retrieved. Also show how many ratings you collected in the 12 months leading up to this retrieval date.
  • Plan a large enough protective area around the trust element.
  • Make sure that there is enough contrast with the background to make the trust element clearly visible.
  • The trust elements are particularly visible when used on a monochrome background.
  • Do not display trust elements too close to a specific product. This can lead to misunderstanding, with customers thinking that only the respective product has been certified or rated.
  • The shape, colour and orientation of the trust elements may not be changed, and they may not be compressed or stretched.

Don't have a media design specialist? Then, simply create the Trustbadge required for your marketing campaign yourself. On this page you will find an online tool that allows you to create the Trustbadge in just a few clicks and without any design knowledge: Build your Trustbadge

Please also refer to the license agreements that you download with the trust elements. By using the elements in your communication measures, you agree to the terms of these agreements.

Step 3: Please let us know about your communication measures

We would be very pleased if our trust elements can help you convince more customers of your offers. However, approval from Trusted Shops is required for the flyer, catalogue and TV commercial advertising types before you can use the trust elements. Please therefore send the planned communication measures to in advance, if you would like to integrate the Trustmark or your star ratings in one of the aforementioned advertising forms. We will provide feedback as soon as possible.

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