How do I use Salesforce integration for eTrusted?

Our Salesforce integration is currently in the early access phase. Therefore, it is not currently generally available. Want to test the integration? Then request your access here today.
This guide focuses on the review management functions that the Salesforce integration provides for eTrusted. Therefore, it is aimed primarily at the end users of the application. Want to learn how to install and configure the integration? In this article, we will explain how you can analyse and work with the collected reviews: How do I set up Salesforce integration for eTrusted?

With the Salesforce integration “eTrusted experience Feedback”, you can integrate your Trusted Shops reviews into your Salesforce environment.

The current beta version of the integration includes the following features:

  • Creation of rules according to which reviews automatically create cases.
  • Import of collected reviews into Salesforce.
  • Currently, the eTrusted Control Centre is the only way to respond to and report reviews. Within the Salesforce integration, you will find a direct link to the review in the Control Centre in the details of each review.
Please note that the look and feel in your system may differ from the following illustrations depending on your organisation’s setup.

Open the Salesforce home page and use Quick Search on the left side of the screen to find the “App Manager” (Application Manager). Select it.


Now click on the app launcher in the upper left and use the search field to search for “eTrusted Experience Feedback”. Select the appropriate search result.


Analyse all reviews using the overview

Select the “Reviews” tab in the top navigation bar to see an overview of the reviews.


Review records collected with Trusted Shops can be seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce workflow. They are automatically generated according to your settings. All review records that meet your criteria appear in your “Views” list and behave like other records. Within the list, the title of the review (01_16x16.png), the assigned star ratings (02_16x16.png) and – if this information is available – the names of customers that left a review (03_16x16.png) are shown.


To further analyse the imported reviews, our Salesforce integration provides you with a variety of filtering options. Click the small arrow next to “All reviews” to open a sub-menu with the filter options.


The following filter options are available:

  • All reviews
  • Last positive reviews
  • Recently viewed
  • Last critical reviews
  • This week’s reviews
  • Today’s reviews
  • 1 star reviews
  • 2 star reviews
  • 3 star reviews
  • 4 star reviews
  • 5 star reviews

If you need more options, you (or your Salesforce admin) can click the small gearwheel to access the list settings.


Analyse individual reviews based on the review details

You can also use Salesforce integration for eTrusted to analyse individual reviews in more detail. Simply click on the desired review to see the detailed view.


Within the detailed view, you will find a whole range of information, which we will explain in more detail below.

In the header, next to the white star, you will find the ID of the rating. To the right of the ID is the “Convert to case” button, which you can use to create a case for this review. Below the ID, a direct link to the respective review is displayed under “Review URL” in the eTrusted Control Centre. Use this link if you want to answer or report reviews to Trusted Shops.

In the rest of the detailed view, you will find a lot more information about the review.


In this section, you will find the essential information about the review itself.

  • The review title
  • The review comment
  • The star ratings awarded
  • Details of the person rating, the products ordered and the channel

Customer Information

If the reviewer has provided this information, you will find their name and contact details here, such as email address and telephone number.

Veto Information

If you have reported the review to Trusted Shops, you will find all the information on the report here, such as the reason for the report, the report comment, the ticket ID and the report date.

Reply Information

If you have sent a response to the review, you will see your response comment and the date of the response.

Detailed Ratings

If your company has requested individual ratings for delivery, service and goods within the review, the results are displayed here.


If your customer has added an attachment to their review, such as a photo of a damaged item, a direct link will take you to this attachment.

Attachments are not uploaded to your Salesforce instance. You can use the direct link to view the attachment that is stored for you on eTrusted.


If a case has already been created automatically or manually for this review, the case number appears here. Click this number to be directed to the case.

Depending on the setup of your Salesforce instance, the three sections “Detailed Ratings”, “Attachments” and “Cases” may also be grouped under the tab “Related”.

Respond to or report reviews

If you want to answer a review or report it to Trusted Shops, you can do so in the eTrusted Control Centre. The direct link under “Review URL”, which can be found in the detailed view of each review, can be used to access the respective review in the eTrusted Control Centre with one click. There, you have the functions you need to answer or report a review.

When you respond to a review, it is not only the reviewer who is informed. In addition, your answer will be published in your review profile. With the answer option, you can present yourself to other customers as a friendly, professional and customer-centric company. How to answer reviews is explained here.

In addition, you can report a review to Trusted Shops if you believe a review violates our terms and conditions for use – for example, because it is proven to be untrue or offensive. Our team will check the reported review immediately and delete it if necessary. In this article, we will explain how to report reviews: How do I report a review?

Manually create cases for individual reviews

If you want to create a case for a review manually, you can do so within the detailed overview of the review. Just click on the “Convert to case” button to the right of the rating ID. 


As soon as the case has been created, a pop-up appears with the message “Success! Case created”. You will then be taken to the following overview.


Depending on your instances and setup, you can use various out-of-the-box Salesforce functionalities with our integration. Examples include comments, assigning a case and changing the owner, changing the status of a case, and using the post/pull feature.

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