How do I set up Salesforce integration for eTrusted?

Salesforce integration for eTrusted brings your feedback and reviews to your work environment. Import your reviews, analyse data, assign tasks, and create business cases with just a few clicks.

Our Salesforce integration is currently in the early-access phase. Therefore, it is not currently generally available. Want to test the integration? Then request your access here today.
This guide focuses on the installation and configuration of the Salesforce integration for eTrusted. This is why it is aimed primarily at Salesforce administrators. Do you want to know how to work with the integration? In this article, we will explain how you can analyse and work with the collected reviews: How do I use Salesforce integration for eTrusted?


Make sure you are logged out of all Salesforce instances before you begin installing the Salesforce Integration for eTrusted.
  1. Open the URL you received from Trusted Shops for the installation.
  2. Select "Install for Admins Only".
  3. Tick "I acknowledge that I’m installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Program".
  4. Click on "Install".
  5. A pop-up window for access by third-party providers opens. Tick "Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites". Then click on "Continue".

The installation process may take several minutes. As soon as the installation has been completed successfully, the success message "Installation Complete!" appears.


You have now successfully installed the Salesforce integration for eTrusted.


Here’s how to set up the integration within your Salesforce instance.

Add the eTrusted Named Credentials

With this step, your team members can use their Salesforce credentials to access reviews and eTrusted functions.

  1. Open the Salesforce setup page.
  2. Search for "Named Credentials" using the search function on the left edge of the screen.
  3. Select the search result.
  4. A list opens. Click "New" to open a drop-down menu. Then click on "New Legacy".
    1_new legacy.png
  5. The input screen "New Named Credential" opens. Transfer the following information into the input fields:
  Input field
01_16x16.png Label EtsCredential
02_16x16.png Name EtsCredential
03_16x16.png URL
04_16x16.png Identity Type Anonymous
05_16x16.png Authentication Protocol No Authentication


  1. Click on "Save".
  2. Return to the Salesforce setup page.
  3. Search for "Custom Settings" (01_16x16.png) using the search function on the left edge of the screen.
  4. Select the search result.
  5. A list opens. Search for the entry "eTrusted Credentials" within the list. Click on "Manage" (02_16x16.png) within the entry.
    3_custom settings.png
  6. The "eTrusted Credentials" overview appears. Click on "New".
    4_New Credentials.png
  7. The input screen "eTrusted Credentials Edit" opens. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret in the input screen.
Don't have a Client ID or Client Secret yet? In this article, we will show you how to create both of them: How do I create API Client Credentials?
  1. Click on "Save".
    5_Save Credentials.png

This means that you have successfully made the reviews and the eTrusted functionalities accessible to your team members.

Automated case creation and importing reviews

With Salesforce integration “eTrusted Experience Feedback”, you can integrate your Trusted Shops reviews into your Salesforce environment. Once the integration is installed and configured, collected reviews appear as “review object (trustedshops__Review__c)” in Salesforce. This allows you to trigger cases in Salesforce through reviews received.

The integration includes the following range of functions:

  • Creation of rules according to which reviews automatically create cases.
  • Import of collected reviews into Salesforce.
  • Currently, the eTrusted Control Centre is the only way to respond to and report reviews. Within the Salesforce integration, you will find a direct link to the review in the Control Centre in the details of each review.
Please note that the look and feel in your system may differ from the following illustrations depending on your organisation’s setup.

Open Salesforce integration for eTrusted

  1. Within Salesforce, click on the coloured dots in the upper left corner. Search for "eTrusted Experience Feedback" using the search function.
  2. Select the search result.

You have now successfully opened the Salesforce integration for eTrusted.

Define the rules for automated case creation

  1. Within Salesforce integration for eTrusted, go to the "eTrusted Admin Panel" tab.
  2. Scroll to section "Convert service reviews to cases".
  3. Under "Channels" (01_16x16.png), select which of your eTrusted channels you want to create cases for automatically.
  4. Under "Star ratings" (02_16x16.png), select the star ratings for which cases should be created automatically.
  5. Activate the "To convert reviews into cases (future reviews and reviews from the past three days), please activate the trigger" (03_16x16.png) switch.
If you activate the button during the initial setup, cases will be created for reviews received in the future and over last three days. If the switch is activated at a later date, cases are created for reviews received after that time, but not for the reviews of the last three days.


  1. Click on "Save Changes". The success message "Success! Configuration saved successfully" appears.Erfolgsmeldung.png

You have thus successfully defined rules for automated case creation.

Import reviews into Salesforce

  1. Within Salesforce integration for eTrusted, go to the "eTrusted Admin Panel" tab.
  2. Scroll to section "Import service reviews".
  3. Under "Channels" (01_16x16.png), select for which of your eTrusted channels reviews should be imported.
  4. Under "Star ratings" (02_16x16.png), select which star ratings the reviews you want to import should have.
  5. Use the input fields (03_16x16.png) to define the date from which the reviews are to be imported.
Once you have defined a date, all the reviews you have collected will be imported into Salesforce from the set date until today. Newly arriving reviews are automatically imported every 15 minutes according to the rules set in the "Convert service reviews to cases" and "Import service reviews" section.


  1. Click on "Save Changes". The success message "Success! Channel sync config updated successfully!" appears.

You have now successfully imported reviews into Salesforce.

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