How do I set up Salesforce integration for eTrusted?

Salesforce integration for eTrusted brings your feedback and reviews to your work environment. Import your reviews, analyse data, assign tasks, and create business cases with just a few clicks.

Our Salesforce integration is currently in the early-access phase. Therefore, it is not currently generally available. Want to test the integration? Then request your access here today.
This guide focuses on the installation and configuration of the Salesforce integration for eTrusted. This is why it is aimed primarily at Salesforce administrators. Do you want to know how to work with the integration? In this article, we will explain how you can analyse and work with the collected reviews: How do I use Salesforce integration for eTrusted?


Make sure you are logged out of all Salesforce instances before you begin installing the Salesforce Integration for eTrusted.

First, open your Internet browser and enter the URL you received from Trusted Shops for installation. An overview with three selection boxes appears. Select “Install for Admins only”. Also, tick the box “I acknowledge that I’m installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Program”. Finally, click on the “Install” button.


A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm third-party access. Click “Continue” to continue with the installation.


Then click “Install”. The installation package is then installed.


The installation process may take several minutes. Once the installation is successful, you will be notified by email.


After successful installation, the Salesforce integration for eTrusted can be found in the App Launcher. To do this, open the App Launcher and search for “eTrusted Experience Feedback” either through the search function or manually.


You have now successfully installed the Salesforce Integration for eTrusted. Here’s how to set up the integration within your Salesforce instance.

Grant your own user access rights as “eTrusted Admin”

You can grant yourself access rights as an “eTrusted Admin” within Salesforce. To do this, click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner (01_16x16.png). A drop-down menu opens. Select your user name from this menu (02_16x16.png). 


Now click on “User Detail”.


A new view opens. Scroll to the “Permission Set Assignments” section and click the “Edit Assignments” button.


In the “Available Permission Sets” selection window on the left, search for and select “eTrusted Admin”. Then, click the top arrow button so that “eTrusted Admin” appears in the right-hand window “Enabled Permission Sets”. Then click on “Save”.


Define authorisation assignments for your employees

In Salesforce, you can assign permissions for individual colleagues and entire user groups to access reviews. In the following, we will introduce you to both options.

Set authorisation for individual team members

To allow an individual team member to access the collected ratings, you must add them to the “eTrusted User” permission group. To do this, first open the Salesforce Setup page and search for “users” using the Quick Search on the left. Click to expand the corresponding drop-down menu and select the menu item “users”.


In the list that opens, find the team member you want to assign the permission to and select the appropriate name. Within the view that opens, scroll to the “Permission Set Assignments” section and click the “Edit Assignments” button.


In the “Available Permission Sets” selection window on the left, search for and select “eTrusted User”. Now click on the top arrow button to add “eTrusted User” to the right-hand selection window “Enabled Permission Sets”. Then save the setting by clicking on “Save”.

Set permission for a user group

Open the Salesforce Setup page and use the Quick Search on the left to find the “App Manager”. Select it.


Look for “eTrusted Experience Feedback” in the list that opens and click the small arrow next to the app name. Then select “Edit”.


Select the menu item “User Profiles” in the navigation on the left.


In the “Available Profiles” (left) window, locate and select the user group that you want to have access to reviews. Now click on the small arrow button to add the user group to the right-hand window “Selected profiles”.


Then click “Save” to save the settings you have made.

Add the eTrusted Authentication Provider

To work with your eTrusted reviews in Salesforce, you must first establish a data transfer between Salesforce and eTrusted. To do this, first open the Salesforce Setup page to add the authentication provider needed for eTrusted. Use the Quick Search on the left side of the screen to search for “Auth. Providers” and select the appropriate search result.


On the page that opens, click on the button “New” and enter the following data in the form.

Provider Type EtsAuthProviderPlugin
Name EtsCredential
URL Suffix EtsCredential (automatically populated)
Callback URL Leave this field blank first
Client ID Your Client ID
Client Secret Your Client Secret
Include Consumer Secret in API Responses Activate the tick box
Custom Error URL Leave this field blank
Custom Logout URL Leave this field blank
Registration Handler Leave this field blank
Execute Registration As Select your username or alternatively "eTrusted-api User"
Icon URL Leave this field blank


Once you have entered all the information as described above, click “Save” .

After saving, an overview of the entered data is displayed, in which the “Callback URL” is now also displayed. Copy this URL and click “Edit” to add this information to the authentication provider you just added. Paste the copied URL into the “Callback URL” field and click “Save”.


Add the eTrusted Named Credentials

With this step, your team members can use their Salesforce credentials to access reviews and eTrusted functions.

Open the Salesforce Setup page and use the Quick Search on the left side of the screen to search for “Named credentials”. Then select the search result.


Click the “New named Credential” button in the drop-down menu and fill in the form as follows.

Label EtsCredential
Name EtsCredential (automatically populated)

Leave this field blank

Identity Type Named Principal
Authentication Protocol OAuth. 2.0
Authentication Provider EtsCredential
Scope eTrusted
Callout Options  
Generate Authorization Header Activate the tick box


Click “Save” when finished.

Add review tab to the user view

Open the Salesforce Setup page and use Quick Search on the left side of the screen to find the “App Manager”. Select it.


Look for “eTrusted Experience Feedback” in the list that opens and click the small arrow next to the app name. Then select “Edit”.


In the navigation on the left, select the menu item “Navigation items”.


Search for the two elements “Reviews” and “eTrusted Admin Panel” in the left-hand window “Available items”. Select them and add them to the right-hand window “Selected items” by clicking on the small arrow.


Click “Save” when finished.

Automated case creation and importing reviews

With Salesforce integration “eTrusted Experience Feedback”, you can integrate your Trusted Shops reviews into your Salesforce environment. Once the integration is installed and configured, collected reviews appear as “review object (trustedshops__Review__c)” in Salesforce. This allows you to trigger cases in Salesforce through reviews received.

The current beta version of the integration includes the following features:

  • Creation of rules according to which reviews automatically create cases.
  • Import of collected reviews into Salesforce.
  • Currently, the eTrusted Control Centre is the only way to respond to and report reviews. Within the Salesforce integration, you will find a direct link to the review in the Control Centre in the details of each review.
Please note that the look and feel in your system may differ from the following illustrations depending on your organisation’s setup.

Now click on the App Launcher in the upper left and use the search field to search for “eTrusted Experience Feedback”. Select the search result.


Define the rules for automated case creation

Select the “eTrusted Admin Panel” tab in the top navigation bar.


Within the Administrator panel, you can define the rules by which reviews are converted to cases, as well as import previously collected reviews into Salesforce.

First, scroll down to the “Convert service reviews to cases” section. There you will find a switch (03_16x16.png) under the explanation “To convert reviews into cases (future reviews and reviews from the past three days), please activate the trigger”. This is disabled in the pre-set setup, so that no cases are triggered by reviews. If you activate the button during the initial setup, cases will be created for reviews received in the future and over last three days. If the switch is activated at a later date, cases are created for reviews received after that time, but not for the reviews of the last three days.

Under “Channels” (01_16x16.png) all channels of your account (Client ID/Secret) are listed. Use this list to define for which channel to create cases automatically. To do this, place a tick besides the desired channel or in front of “Select all” if you want cases to be triggered automatically for all your channels.

In the “Star ratings” (02_16x16.png) list, you can also determine for which reviews cases should be created. To do this, place a tick in front of the respective star ratings.


Finally, click the “Save changes” button to save your settings. Then the message “Success! Configuration saved successfully” will appear.

Import reviews into Salesforce

Scroll to the “Import service reviews” section within the menu. The upper section of the section lists your channels that are connected to your account (Client ID/Secret) (01_16x16.png). From this list, select the channels for which you want to import reviews. Then, under “Star ratings”, specify how many stars the reviews have that you want to import (02_16x16.png). Finally, define the date from which the collected reviews should be imported (03_16x16.png).

Once you have defined a date, all the reviews you have collected will be imported into Salesforce from the set date until today. Newly arriving reviews are automatically imported every 15 minutes according to the rules set in the “Convert service reviews to cases” and “Import service reviews” section.


Click “Save changes” when you have finished making your settings. Then the message “Success! Channel sync config updated successfully!will appear.

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