First steps with eTrusted APIs

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It enables automated communication between two or more software systems without you having to do anything manually. One example of this would be the integration of Google Maps on your website.

For developers, APIs provide a high degree of flexibility. At the same time, Trusted Shops APIs make it possible for you to retrieve ratings and integrate them according to your preferences.

How do the MyTS and eTrusted APIs support me in my daily work?

Our APIs help you:

  • collect review information and display them on your website and/or use them for a marketing campaign.
  • integrate reviews in your CRM applications.
  • import reviews into your company's support system and also answer them from there
  • incorporate review invites in your email campaigns

Which APIs are available from eTrusted and what further advantages do they offer?

The main difference between the APIs of MyTS and eTrusted is that eTrusted APIs offer you more customisable functions. With the eTrusted APIs you can, for example, determine which feedback your customers should provide regarding their experience and based on which Event (delivery, shipping, etc.).

As an eTrusted user, you only have access to eTrusted APIs. If you are using MyTS and your store has not yet been migrated to eTrusted, you will also only have access to MyTS APIs.
As an eTrusted user, you need the following permissions to use the APIs: a Client Id and a Client Secret. You will find all the information you need in this article: How do I create API Client Credentials?

The most important APIs for eTrusted include the Questionnaire Links API and the Events API. The latter gives you the option to send Review Invites as soon as an service for your customers has been completed.

Here are the links to the instructions for each of the particular functions of Event APIs in the Developer Center:

Create a new Event (triggers an invite):

Create a new Event type (in addition to the default type 'checkout'):

Create an Invite Rule or assign it to an Event type and activate it for a channel:

The Questionnaire Links API gives you the option to access links to preconfigured questionnaires. You can then integrate these links into an e-mail, SMS, or other communication channel of your choice. These options are available to you separately from the standard, automated Trusted Shops mailing.

Here is the relevant link in the Developer Center:

Which APIs does eTrusted provide?

If you want to use one or several APIs, as an eTrusted customer, all our APIs are available to you at any time. You can find out which APIs are offered by eTrusted in our API documentation. It was written for developers and it will help you create an individual API solution.

In the section Reviews > Integrations you find information about the Trusted Shops integration for the tickt management system Zendesk, for instance:
How to use the Trusted Shops Zendesk integration?

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