What is the Invite History?

You will find your review invites sent with Trusted Shops in the Invites History. In the main navigation of the eTrusted Control Centre, click "Reviews", and then "Invites" and "History" in the secondary navigation to get to your Invite History. It provides a chronological overview of all invites sent and the corresponding status.

How is the Invite History structured? 


  1. Email
    These are the recipient email addresses for your review invites. The email addresses come from:
  2. Status
    This column shows the current status of the invite in its short form. For more information see the list of all possible statuses below.
  3. Created
    This column shows the date when the invite was created. The created date may differ from the sent date (see below). This depends on the invite rule and for when the invite is scheduled.
  4. Sent
    This column shows the date when the invite was sent. If its current status still is scheduled the column will be empty.
  5. Reference
    The reference uniquely identifies a transaction in a company data base. For an online shop that has the -CHECKOUT- event, the order number could be such a reference. It can also be an invoice, shipment tracking, ticket, telephone or customer number.
  6. Detail view
    Click the arrows to get more detailed information about your invites.

What do I find in the detail view?


  1. Customer data
    This is where you find information concerning the recipient of the invite.

  2. Delivery
    Find the created and sent dates and times as well as an explanation of the invite status.
  3. Source
     There are two possible sources: manually sent invite and automatically sent invite:
  4. Sender Information
    This is where you find all important information about the sender: the sender name (also shown in the invite) and sender email (the email address from which the invite was sent). Currently the standard sender name is "Trusted Shops Team" and the sender email "rating-noreply@trustedshops.com".

What are the different invite statuses and what do they mean?

The detail view shows the current status of the invite in the delivery chain. The colour of the chain mirrors the current state of the invitation: e.g. for the status "Review received" it turns green. It also provides a more in-depth explanation of the current status.

Delivery chain of invites

The list of invite statuses:

Status Explanation
Scheduled Your invite is scheduled for sending at a certain date and time.
Sent Your invite is en route! We don't know yet if it was delivered to your customer's inbox.
Delivered Your invite was delivered to your customer's inbox.
Not delivered Your invite could not be delivered to your customer's email inbox. Possible reasons for this are:
  • The provided email address is not correct. If you know the correct email address, please check for typing errors and send the invite again.
  • Your customer's inbox is full or her/his email server has connection problems.
  • An unknown error occurred. In urgent cases, please contact: members@trustedshops.com.
Rejected This invite was rejected by our system and will not be sent. Possible reasons for this are:
  • Your customer has unsubscribed from all eTrusted email communication. Re-subscribing is not possible.
  • You have already invited this customer to leave a review for this transaction.
Review received Your customer has left a review. Visit your review inbox to see what they wrote.

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