For which reasons can I report reviews?

The eTrusted review platform from Trusted Shops is designed to help you collect as many positive reviews as possible. But even if you always give your best, it can still happen from time to time that you get a negative review.

Negative criticism is allowed in principle, but there are reasons that allow the reporting of a review:

  • The review comment is not true: you can use information and documents to disprove one or more statements in the review comment. If a customer claims that they have waited two weeks - and this claim is not true, you are entitled to have the review deleted. In this case, the facts are incorrect.

    However, if it is claimed that there was a "long delivery time", even though this delivery time was only three days, the review cannot be deleted because it is the reviewer's subjective perception. Instead, respond kindly to the review.

    Expressed opinions are purely subjective and cannot be reported. Why reviewers express an opinion is not apparent. Statements such as "poor quality", "long delivery time", "expensive product" are not verifiable and do not represent factual claims. The star rating also reflects the subjective opinion of your customer.
  • The review comment is insulting: the factual concern, such as the long delivery time, the poor quality of the goods and the unfriendly service, takes a back seat and it is only a matter of personal disparagement or insult. Racist and sexist remarks also do not belong in a review comment.
  • The review comment is offensive or vulgar.
  • The review comment violates our terms of use, which can mean concretely :
    • The order is older than 6 months.
    • Through references to competitors, the review contains advertising content. Competitors may therefore not be mentioned by name.
    • Sensitive data are mentioned.
    • Persons are mentioned by name.
    • The relationship between the order and the review is not apparent, for example, if a reviewer refers to Shop X although they have ordered from Shop Y.
    • The review contains illegal content.

In all other cases, we will reject a request to delete a review. This is because Trusted Shops stands for trust and your customers should get a realistic picture of your company. Nobody is perfect. Would you trust a shop that has 100% positive reviews? Or would you rather shop where one review out of 100 has only one star?

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