How do I report a review?

Reviews that you collect with the Trusted Shops review platform eTrusted are authentic and optimised for best conversion. Nevertheless, it can happen that individual reviews violate our terms of use. You can report these reviews to us.

You can report a review in the detail area of your Review Inbox. Click on the review to view the full details. Click on the button "icon-action-report_1_5x.png Report" in the top right hand corner to report a review.


A window will open in which you can give more detailed reasons for your report. Select the appropriate reason from the dropdown menu and describe the situation in the input field. You can send us documents relating to your order or delivery, as well as communication records that support your position, by replying to the email from us and attaching the documents.

Our terms of use are also linked above so that you can quickly check whether the report of an evaluation is justified.

Find more information here:
For which reasons can I report reviews?

Can I delete illegal content?

Please immediately report illegal content to us. We then review your case and delete the illegal content, if necessary.

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