What are the main features of the Review Inbox?

Reviews that you collect via the Trusted Shops review platform will land in the Review Inbox (short: Inbox) of your eTrusted Control Centre. The Inbox is located in the main navigation on the left under "Inbox". Just like an email inbox, the review inbox provides an overview of all your reviews.

The Review Inbox has two areas:

  • The preview area
  • The detail area

The preview area


For each review, you can see the following information in the preview area:

  • Star rating
  • Flag icon (report_1_5x.png) if you have reported that review
  • Blue arrow (icon-reply_1_5x.png) if you have replied to that review
  • Title of the review (if no title was provided, it will be the same text as the review)
  • Preview of the review comment
  • Name of the reviewer (if no name was provided, their email is shown)
  • Date of the review

Filters in the preview area

Above the list of incoming reviews you find a filter menu on the right of the search icon. With filters you can hide reviews so that you only see the newest reviews or those with a rating below 3 stars, for instance.


You have the following filter options:

  • For star rating:
    Select ratings between 1 and 5 stars individually.
  • For date range:
    Take a look at reviews from the last 7 days, the last year or from a custom time period.
  • State of moderation:
    See open or closed moderations
  • Status of approval:
    Filter for approved or rejected reviews
  • Review type:
    Select between service reviews and product reviews.
  • State of reply:
    Show only reviews that have been replied to or unanswered ones.

The detail area

For each review, you can see the following information in the detail area:


  1. Name and email: Name and email of the reviewer can be checked here.
  2. Report button: Report a review with this button (For which reasons can I report reviews?)
  3. Reply button: Use this button to reply to a review. You can also click in the input field below the review to start formulating a reply.
  4. Review: Here you see the star rating and the review title and text. If you are using the extended questionnaire, the ratings for the additional questions are also displayed here.
  5. Status: The default status of reviews is "Approved". If a review violates our terms of use and is removed after you reported it, the status is "Rejected".
  6. Date of review: The date indicates the receipt of the review.
  7. Channel: The channel shows the website or online shop that is being rated.
  8. Reference: The reference helps you to locate a particular transaction. In most cases, it is an order number, but it could also be an invoice, shipment tracking, ticket, telephone or customer number.
  9. Transaction date: The date the transaction took place.

Tip: If you want to find customers in other systems you use, you can copy the reference number with one click via the copy icon (Copy-icon.png).


How do I reply to a review?

To reply to a review click in the reply field below and write your reply. Click on "Reply" to save your answer and publish it to your review profile.  Below the input field, there's the (pre-checked) option to send your reply via email to the customer. This way, they are notified about your public reply.


You can make good use of the reply via email and for instance thank your customer for their purchase or answer a question they might have.

You can and should also respond to negative reviews in order to show others that you deal with criticism confidently and professionally. Your responses to reviews are also particularly important because visitors to your public review profile have the possibility to vote your response as "helpful" with a thumb.

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How can I tell if a review has already been replied to?

You can see if a reply has been left on a review by two things:

  • In the preview area a blue reply icon (icon-reply_1_5x.png) will be visible.
  • In the detail area you find your reply right underneath the review text.
  • Use the filter to hide all unanswered or all answered reviews.


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