How can I manually invite customers for review with the Review Collector?

If you do not want to collect eTrusted reviews automated or if you want to manually invite customers to submit reviews in addition to the automated dispatch of invites, you can use the Review Collector. The Review Collector allows you to collect reviews with just a few clicks and without any technical integration.

Where do I find the Review Collector?

In the main navigation of the Control Centre, click "Invites" (1) and "Send manual invites" (2) in the top right.


Uploading a CSV file

After you have created a CSV file with customer data, drag the file into the upload area. Alternatively, click "Choose file from computer" to upload the file.


If you have uploaded the wrong file, click "Choose different file" to upload a different file.


To make things easier, use our template file by clicking "Download CSV template". If you have problems with your file, you can find help here: How to create a CSV file to invite customers.

Excel formatting errors

If your customers' names include special characters (e.g. Umlaute like ä, ü, ö), the Review Collector will replace them with a � symbol. Therefore, your customers' names will also appear with the � symbol on your review profile. This issue is caused by Excel and will occur in different systems, including:

  • Office 2011 for Windows 7
  • Office 2011 for Windows 10
  • Office 2016 for Mac

In the following cases the special characters will be formatted correctly:

  • You are using Office 2016 and you have saved your file as "CSV UTF-8 (comma-separated values) (*.csv).
  • You are using Google Docs.
  • You are using Open Office.

If your customers' email addresses contain special characters (e.g. Umlaute) the email addresses will not be recognised upon uploading the CSV file. You cannot send review invites to such email addresses via CSV file upload.

Do you use an Apple device for your work? Then please note that the Review Collector cannot read files that have been created with Numbers. This is the case even if you save the file in CSV format or one of the common Excel formats using Numbers. Instead, you will need to open and edit your file either in Excel or another spreadsheet program such as the free program Calc from OpenOffice.


Click "Proceed to preview" to see a preview of the invites you are about to send. You can check the data here one last time, however you cannot correct it here. To correct the data, click the "Back" button and upload a corrected file.

The preview shows

  • the sender information (sender name, sender email address)
  • the customers you are sending the invites to (email addresses, first names, last names)
  • a preview of the personalised invite that will be sent out to your customers.


Sending options

At the bottom you'll find two sending options:

  1. Schedule for later

    If you want to schedule your invites for a later date and time, click "Schedule for later". Please note that once scheduled, you will not be able to edit the chosen date and time anymore.

    • Choose the date and time for sending the invites.
    • Click "Send x invites".
    • Your invites are now scheduled and will be sent out at the chosen date and time.
  2. Send now

    If you want to send the invites to your customers immediately, click "Send now".

Legal note

By using this feature, you certify that you received your customers' prior consent to submit their data to Trusted Shops, specifically for the purpose of sending them review invites via email.
If you have not collected your customer's consent, email recipients (private or business), competitors of Trusted Shops, and Consumer and Competition Protection Associations are entitled to damage claims and to cease-and-desist orders.
Further information on this topic can be found here: Consent for review invites

While the Review Collector is a convenient way to invite customers, you will benefit even more in the long term from sending out review invites automatically on the basis of events. Find out more in these articles:
- What is an Event?
- How to send invites to my customers automatically?
- First steps with eTrusted APIs

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