How can I manually invite customers for review with the Review Collector?

If you do not want to collect eTrusted reviews automated or if you want to manually invite customers to submit reviews in addition to the automated dispatch of invites, you can use the Review Collector. The Review Collector allows you to collect reviews with just a few clicks and without any technical integration.

How do I obtain my customer’s consent to the invite dispatch?

If you want to use the Review Collector to send a review invite you must first ask your customers for consent.

By actively obtaining consent, you not only comply with the GDPR, but also avoid negative reviews and spam complaints.

On your website it is easy to obtain consent. One option is to integrate a checkbox into your checkout process. Examples of this may be:

"I would like to receive an email reminder from Trusted Shops after my purchase to leave a review. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time with effect for the future." *


You can also link the permission to send invites with the permission to send newsletters. Examples of this may be:

"I would like to receive a newsletter and be reminded by email to leave a review after the purchase. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time with future effect." *

Please note the following: The suggested wording is only an orientation and should be reviewed by a legal expert and adjusted if necessary. We assume no liability for the use of the texts.

In both cases, the checkbox should not be checked by default to ensure your customers can actively grant their permission.

Once the checkbox is set up, you can send review invites to all customers, who have given their permission, using the Review Collector.

How do I manually send review invites?

To manually send review invites, two steps are necessary:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with customer data
  2. Upload the CSV file to the Review Collector and send review invites

1st Step Prepare a CSV file with customer data

To be able to send review invites with the Review Collector, you need a CSV file with the data of the customers to whom you want to send a review invite.

A CSV file is a text file. It is used to transfer raw datasets between software programs. In your case, the CSV file transfers customer data between your database and eTrusted.

  1. Download the CSV example file for service reviews here: CSV file for service reviews
  2. Do you also want to send product review invites? Download the CSV file for service and product reviews here: CSV file for service and product reviews
  3. Transfer the required customer data from your database to the CSV file.
Please note:
  • Only transfer data from customers to the CSV file who have given their permission to the invite dispatch.
  • Create a new line in the CSV file for each product and service. Lines with the same order number or customer address are automatically merged into a single review invite.
  • The Review Collector cannot read files created with the Apple program “Numbers”. Instead, you will need to open and edit your CSV file either in Excel or another spreadsheet program such as Calc from OpenOffice.
Do you have problems with your CSV file? You can find further help here: How to create a CSV file to send manual review invites

You have now successfully prepared the CSV file.

2nd Step Upload the CSV file to the Review Collector and send review invites

  1. Log in to the eTrusted Control Centre.
  2. Click on the star ("Reviews") (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation area. Then click on "Invites" (02_16x16.png).
  3. Select the channel (03_16x16.png) for which you want to send reviews.
  4. Click on "Send manual invites" (04_16x16.png).
  5. Tick "I have collected consent to send review invite emails to each email address in the CSV file" (01_16x16.png).
  6. Click on "Choose from computer" (02_16x16.png). Select and upload the prepared CSV file. Then click on "Proceed" (03_16x16.png).
  7. The data of the CSV file will automatically be sorted into categories. Check whether the data has been entered into the correct column and correct if necessary (01_16x16.png). Then click on "Proceed" (02_16x16.png).
  8. An overview of the checked data appears. Click on "Proceed".
If some data isn’t correct, the errors will be highlighted with an orange attention triangle.
06_EN.pngIf errors are detected, you can start over and upload a new file or go further in the process. The incorrect data is not taken into account.
  1. Select the desired language of the review invite using the "Select language" drop-down menu (01_16x16.png). Then select the desired email (02_16x16.png) and questionnaire template (03_16x16.png).
You want to know what the different e-mail and questionnaire templates look like? View them in our Help Centre articles:
  1. Do you want to send the review invites immediately? Then click on "Send now" (04_16x16.png).
  2. Do you want to send the review invites at a later time? Then click on "Schedule for later" (05_16x16.png).
  3. In the pop-up window that now opens, select the date (01_16x16.png) and time (02_16x16.png) for the invite dispatch. Then click on "Schedule" (03_16x16.png).

You have now successfully sent the review invites or planned them for a later time.

While the Review Collector is a convenient way to invite customers, you will benefit even more in the long term from sending out review invites automatically on the basis of events. Find out more in these articles:

Download CSV examples

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