What are the main features of the Control Centre?

Our eTrusted user interface is called the Control Centre. From here you can send review invites to your customers as well as manage reviews that you have collected already. Below we explain how the different functions work.

Differences to our previous system My Trusted Shops
The Control Center takes over the review management of our system My Trusted Shops. If you are already a member and just received the upgrade, you will find all important information here:
What do I need to know for the upgrade from My Trusted Shops to eTrusted?

Switch between channels

All the invites and reviews you see in the Control Centre always apply to your currently selected channel. If you have more than one channel, you can switch between them or select all channels at once in the channel selector.

Where do I find this?

In the left menu, click on your channel beneath Select channel, the channel selector will open:


In the channel selector you see this information:

  1. Channel information: The channel's name and address
  2. Overall rating: This is the average rating of all reviews collected in the last 12 months.
  3. Trend indicator: Shows the number of reviews collected over the last 7 or 30 days and the average rating with the arrows indicating an upward or downward trend.

Automatically invite customers to write reviews

The most effective way of collecting reviews is to send review invites automatically to your customers. Find the exact instructions here: How to send review invites to my customers automatically?.

Where do I find this?

First click on the gear symbol ("Settings") (01_16x16.png) in the main menu and then on “Channel settings” (02_16x16.png). Then select the desired channel (03_16x16.png) and open the “Optimise review collection” tab (04_16x16.png).


Manually invite customers to write reviews

Alternatively, you can send manual review invites to your customers. Find the exact instructions for this here: What's the Review Collector?

Where do I find this?

In the left menu, click "Invites" > "Send manual invites":


Manual vs. automated invite dispatch

Manually sent review invites are a great way to get started with eTrusted and get a grasp of the process of sending out invites - feel free to send out an invite to yourself to try it out! The most effective and least time-consuming way to send invites, however, is to use automation for the delivery of your review invites.

Improve your rating on other review platforms


With our Reputation Manager it is possible to invite customers to give their review on platforms other than Trusted Shops. By distributing a share of your review invites to open platforms like Google My Business or Trustpilot, you can improve your overall rating on these services, too.

All information regarding this product can be found here: Reputation Manager.

Where do I find this?

You find the product in the main navigation on the left under Reputation Manager.

Monitor the status of your invites

The invite history shows you the status of all the invites you've sent or scheduled, whether automatic or manual. Read everything about this in detail here: What's the Invite History?

Where do I find this?

In the left menu, click "Invites":


Monitor and manage your reviews

You can find all of the reviews that you have collected in your review inbox (short: inbox). Here you can filter reviews, reply to reviews or, if appropriate, report reviews. Read more about this here: What are the main features of the Review Inbox?

Where do I find this?

In the left menu, click "Inbox":


Check your user settings and change your password

You can check your user settings and change your password. If you want to change your user settings or delete your account, please send an email to members@trustedshops.com.

Where do I find this?

In the top right corner click the user icon and then "User settings" (see screenshot).


More ways to work with eTrusted

Mobile apps

With the eTrusted mobile apps you can manage your reviews wherever you may be. Download the app in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Find more information here: Is there an eTrusted mobile app?

API documentation

We provide APIs for developers so they can build their own solutions based on our technology. Visit our eTrusted API documentation for this or find more information here: First steps with eTrusted APIs.

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