What do I need to know for the upgrade from My Trusted Shops to eTrusted?

eTrusted is the new review platform by Trusted Shops. We started migrating our My Trusted Shops users to eTrusted in 2019 and will continue to do so in 2020. All of their collected reviews will of course be migrated as well.

In this article you find all relevant information about the new platform and the relationship between My Trusted Shops and eTrusted.

How do eTrusted and My Trusted Shops correlate?

eTrusted and My Trusted Shops exist side by side:

  • eTrusted is our new solution for review management. We built a new web application for you to login and do just that: the Control Centre. eTrusted replaces the review management part of My Trusted Shops.
  • All other features are still covered by My Trusted Shops (e.g. Buyer Protection and performance). eTrusted and My Trusted Shops complement each other.

What features does the new eTrusted Control Centre offer?

There is an article dedicated to the Control Centre features: What are the main features of the Control Centre?

A quick overview: 

How do we call things in eTrusted vs My Trusted Shops?

  • Emails you send to your customer in order to ask for a review are called review invites in eTrusted. In My Trusted Shops they were called review requests.
  • eTrusted Review Invites contain a link to a questionnaire. Questionnaires are the eTrusted version of My Trusted Shops' review forms. Questionnaire are dynamic in the sense that they can be extended by further questions whereas review forms were static and not extensible. 
  • We introduced a new concept with eTrusted: so-called channels. In My Trusted Shops, they correspond to shops. However eTrusted aims to be applicable for other business lines than eCommerce and channels are more general and flexible.

How is eTrusted better than My Trusted Shops?

1. eTrusted offers a new questionnaire - optimised for both conversion rates and mobile use

With the new questionnaire we have focussed on increasing conversion rates. We optimised them for both smartphones and tablets. The new and improved layout and presentation, as well as additional types of questions, lead to more and more detailed feedback.

Questionnaires display only one question per page. Your customers will be able to complete the questionnaire in small steps and focus on each question. This way they will be more willing to answer all the questions and the quality of feedback increases.

Finally, our questionnaire technology is reactive to the type of feedback. For instance, negative feedback can be detected and may lead the customer to more specific questions about what went wrong and why they are unhappy. In general our new questionnaires help you understand your customers' needs better.

2. eTrusted gives you a great overview of the performance of your Review Invites

The new invite history ensures that you can check the status of your invites at any time. You can see at a glance all the steps which lead to the receipt of a valid review: when the invite was sent, when it was received and if a review has been submitted.

3. eTrusted offers comprehensive settings for the Review Invites via Invite Rules

You know your customers best. This is why eTrusted gives you the option to decide exactly when your automated invites are sent to your customers. With invite rules you have the option to choose the date and time the invite is sent to your customer.

4. eTrusted provides a better overview of all your reviews

Reviews and emails have something in common: some are important, some are not. Sometimes we have to react immediately, sometimes we have replied already. This is why we have developed the review inbox: a brand new interface which makes it easy to manage your reviews. Its design is based on that of a classic email inbox which we are all familiar with from our email clients. It features a flexible filter set that can quickly sort and structure your received reviews.

Do I have to do anything on the technical side?

Using our eTrusted platform is easy and self-explanatory. You should not face any technical challenges.

Software developers can make use of our APIs and come up with their own solutions. An alternative would be a collaboration with us: if you have a great idea for an application, we can help you out. Find further information in our API documentation or contact us directly.

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