What do the optimised questionnaire templates offer?

eTrusted sends out review invites for you - either manually or automaticallyThey include a link to a questionnaire. By submitting a questionnaire, a customer leaves a review.

There are two optimised questionnaire templates:

  • The Extended Questionnaire Template contains additional questions about delivery, goods & service, regardless of the number of stars awarded. These questions are placed at the end of each Extended Questionnaire Template. With this information, it is easier for you to understand why the customer wasn't completely satisfied. However, customers are first directed to the comment field, and the questions asked there vary depending on the number of stars the customers awarded before (see graphic below).

    Please note: The rating of the additional questions is not included in the overall rating. The Extended Questionnaire Template is set as default.

  • The Standard Questionnaire Template, on the other hand, does not contain additional questions at the end of the questionnaire. Here, customers concentrate exclusively on the awarding of stars and are then forwarded directly to the free commentary function. Here, as with the Extended Questionnaire Template, the question asked varies according to the number of stars that have been assigned.

Are reviews saved even if they were not filled in completely?

Once customers have chosen a star rating and have clicked the button "Submit & continue", the review is submitted, counted and published. Additional review texts and titles reviews can be completed with are both submitted and published only after the final "Submit" button has been pressed. This is in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

What do the questionnaire templates look like?

Below are the two paths that the customers with the different templates can follow. Of course, this is always preceded by the dispatch of the eTrusted review invitation - automatically or manually.


Fig. 1: On the left you see the Standard Questionnaire Template, on the right the path of the Extended Questionnaire Template

hc-questionnaire-explanation-stars_EN.jpgFig. 2: The comment field shows different questions - depending on the number of stars assigned before. This applies to both questionnaire templates.


About additional questions:
  • Answers to additional questions are not published on your review profile and don't affect your overall rating. They are only displayed in the detail area of your review inbox and in the eTrusted mobile app.
  • Additional questions are intended for internal use: They provide you with better insights into your customers' feedback and potential room for improvement.
  • Answering additional questions is optional for your customers: They are free to answer only parts or skip them by clicking the "Next" button.

What are the words in brackets?

These are placeholders: text elements that are replaced with your data when sent to the customer. In our review invites and questionnaires, you will find these placeholders:

      • [channel name]: the name of your channel
      • [reference]: the reference of the transaction
      • [transaction date]: the date of the transaction 

Does eTrusted provide a questionnaire API?

Yes. Our Transactional Questionnaire Link API retrieves data from the URLs related to the questionnaires preconfigured for your customers. These questionnaire URLs can be implemented in any email, SMS or other communication channels in order to ask for feedback. To learn more about our APIs, visit our API documentation.

What are the improvements over the review form in My Trusted Shops?

With the new questionnaire, we focus on increasing the conversion rate. The new design and question types are optimised to be responsive on mobile devices, making the experience more user-friendly. 

By only having one question per page, your customer will take small steps and focus on each question individually. Showing step-by-step progress helps your customers feel more engaged, resulting in higher conversion and better feedback quality. 

On top of that, our new technology offers a smart structure of questions with logic jumps: negative feedback leads to additional questions that are designed to help you understand why your customer is unhappy. 

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