Which questionnaire templates do Trusted Shops offer?

eTrusted sends out review invites for you - either manually or automaticallyThey include a link to a questionnaire. By submitting a questionnaire, a customer leaves a review.

There are two optimised templates for collecting Service Reviews and one template for collecting Product Reviews.

Questionnaire templates for collecting Service Reviews

Extended Questionnaire Template


The Extended Questionnaire Template is set by default. Irrespective of the number of stars awarded, it contains additional questions on delivery, goods & service. These questions are placed at the end of each Extended Questionnaire Template. With this information, it is easier for you to understand why the customer wasn't completely satisfied. However, customers are first directed to the comment field.

About the additional questions:

  • The ratings of the additional questions are not included in the overall rating.
  • Answers to additional questions are not publicly displayed on your review profile. They are only displayed in the detail area of your review inbox and in the eTrusted mobile app.
  • Additional questions are intended for internal use: They provide you with better insights into your customers' feedback and potential room for improvement.
  • Answering additional questions is optional for your customers: They are free to answer only parts or skip them by clicking the "Next" button.

Standard Questionnaire Template

EN Standard.gif

The Standard Questionnaire Template, on the other hand, does not contain additional questions at the end of the questionnaire. Here, customers concentrate exclusively on the awarding of stars and are then forwarded directly to the free commentary function.

In both the Standard Questionnaire Template and the Extended Questionnaire Template, the comment fields display different questions depending on the number of stars previously assigned.

Questionnaire template for collecting Product Reviews

Product Review Questionnaire Template

EN Product (1).gif

The Product Review Questionnaire Template allows you to collect authentic reviews for the products you offer in your shop. You can send this questionnaire to your customers either individually or together with a questionnaire for collecting Service Reviews.

Further details on the Product Review Questionnaire Template can be found in this article: What does the questionnaire for Product Reviews look like?

Can I create my own questionnaire templates?

What if the questionnaire templates provided by Trusted Shops do not match your requirements? Then create your own questionnaire templates with the help of the eTrusted Control Centre and use them to collect Service Reviews. We explain how to do this in the following article: How do I personalise the content of my questionnaires?

Does eTrusted provide a questionnaire API?

Yes. Our Transactional Questionnaire Link API retrieves data from the URLs related to the questionnaires preconfigured for your customers. These questionnaire URLs can be implemented in any email, SMS or other communication channels in order to ask for feedback. To learn more about our APIs, visit our API documentation.

Which questionnaire template should I use?

If you are unsure, this article will help you decide on a questionnaire template: Which questionnaire template should I send to my customers?

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