How to send invites to my customers automatically?

With the Trusted Shops review platform you can collect authentic reviews easily. Automated invite deliveries are triggered by events with the exact dispatch time being regulated by the invite rules.

This article teaches you why using automation for review invites is valuable and how to set it up correctly.

According to the GDPR, it is mandatory to seek consent of the recipient before dispatching invites automatically or manually. More information is provided here: Consent for review invites.

What are the advantages of an automated invite delivery?

An automated invite dispatch has a major advantage over a manual invite dispatch: you only have to define invite rules once. From this moment on, it will handle the dispatch of your review invites automatically.

When creating an invite rule, you will define the sending delay: this is the time period that you want to let pass between the occurrence of an event and the dispatch of the review invite. This has an additional value: you can set different sending delays for different events. Sometimes, it is useful to ask for a review right after checkout whereas in other cases it is better to wait some time so that customers can give more thorough feedback.

How do I set up an automated invite dispatch?

To set up invitation rules, 2 steps are necessary. First the creation of the invite rules and afterwards the activation of the desired rules. This allows you to set up several rules and switch between them with one click.

Step 1: Create an invite rule

You can set up invite rules under the menu item Automation:


  1. Click "Automation" in the left menu.
  2. Click "Invite Rules" in the upper menu.
  3. Click the blue "Add new rule" button on the right. A pop up window opens.

The pop up window shows everything you can set up:


  1. Invite rule name: The name you wish to give your rule.
  2. Event: The event meant to trigger the invite dispatch.
  3. Event: Name of the chosen event.
  4. Sending delay: Number of days after the event that the invite should be sent.
  5. Time: The time of day at which the invite is to be sent to your customer.
  6. Email template: The email template you want to use for your invite. Currently only the Optimised email template is available.
  7. Questionnaire template: The questionnaire template you want to use for your invite. Currently only the Optimised questionnaire template is available.

Click on the "Save" button after you have set everything as desired. Your new rule will then appear in the list.

If you want to learn how the different questionnaires look like, you will find a detailed overview in this article:
What do the optimised questionnaire templates offer?

Step 2: Activate the invite rule

Once you have created one or more rules, you have to activate them.


  1. Click "Invites" in the left menu.
  2. Click "Invite Rules" in the upper menu.
  3. Click the activation switch in the "Active for channel" column (Activation switch inactive). By doing so the switch turns green (Activation switch active) and the rule is activated for the chosen channel (shop).

Only one rule can be active. The activation of one rule will deactivate any other rule which was active. The rule applies to all channels but can be activated per channel i.e. different channels can have different active rules.

As soon as a rule is active, review invites are automatically sent to your customers based on the rules you have set. The trigger is the set event. These rules also apply if you use our Reputation Manager and send invites to invite customers to rate you on other platforms such as Trustpilot to thereby optimise your digital reputation there too.

Tip: Our Reputation Manager supports you in optimising your rating effortlessly and automatically on additional review platforms such as Trustpilot. You can specify what percentage of all review invites should not be forwarded to Trusted Shops but to external review platforms. Find out more about the functions here:
Reputation Manager – all you need to know

Won't customers get too many review invites when there are multiple touchpoints?

We currently already have a very wide range of rules to prevent customers from receiving e-mails from us too frequently. For example, there is an “anti spam” rule for this purpose and the number of review requests can be limited. We will keep developing these rules on an ongoing basis.

Sometimes it can be useful to manually invite customers to submit a review. You find everything you need to know about this right here:
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