Welcome to eTrusted!

Welcome to eTrusted, the experience feedback platform for more efficient, intuitive and intelligent management of authentic customer reviews. Dive deeper into the guiding principle behind eTrusted and find out how it shapes everything we do.

Our guiding principle

Trust is changing. The days are gone when customers just simply trusted companies and institutions. Nowadays, trust is generated by customers, for customers. Authentic reviews have a direct impact on a company's success. With eTrusted, experience feedback provides you with deeper insights into your customers' experiences to help you cater your products and services more closely to your customers' needs.

eTrusted is a cloud-based platform which we are continuously expanding with new features. You can already set a sending time for your review invites with eTrusted. In the future it will also be possible to customise the content and visuals of your review invites, as well as to include different types of questions in the questionnaires.

eTrusted is planning to integrate comprehensive analysis options through semantic information and the use of the latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future. Then it will be possible for eTrusted to establish the optimal sending times for review invites on its own.

eTrusted: formed for you, with you

Just as your customer feedback helps shape the products and services you provide, we too value your feedback! Are you having trouble using a particular function, or do you struggle with one of our guides? Do you have own ideas for new features that do not yet exist? Help us understand how we can satisfy your needs!

Provide your feedback via email to the following addressmembers@trustedshops.com

Who we are

eTrusted is part of the Trusted Shops family: today more than 25,000 online sellers are using Trusted Shops to collect, display and manage experience feedback from their customers. eTrusted's mission is to ensure trust in sectors beyond classic e-commerce: e.g. service-providers, institutions and large companies.

How do I get started?

Your eTrusted journey starts with the Control Centre. For more information check out:
What are the main features of the Control Centre?

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