After certification

In order to inspire trust at first glance among customers, online shops like to use the Trusted Shops Trustmark. But to become a certified shop, some criteria must be fulfilled. We check these in our certification process.

Read here what happens after the Trusted Shops certification process.

Do I have to notify Trusted Shops of changes to my shop after certification?

Whenever you have to make significant changes in your shop (e.g. change of shop system or major changes to the legal texts) after the successful certification, please contact your personal auditor or send an email to so that we can find the best solution for you and your shop.

Why did I receive a new Trusted Shops audit report without prior notice?

The answer is simple: as our loyal customer, we want you to maximise your success with us. For this purpose, we have adapted our quality criteria even more to the needs of the consumers and keeping the secure shopping experience as our focus. A reassessment of your online shop thus became not only necessary but also useful for both of us. That's why we've checked your store based on our new, revised Quality Criteria.

On the one hand, this gives Trusted Shops the possibility to ensure and maintain the quality of your online shop according to our current criteria. On the other hand, we offer all our loyal customers who have not yet completed our certification process the opportunity to pass the certification on a fresh run and display our Trustmark as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you again, ideally with some good news having implemented the few remaining points.

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