Before certification

In order to inspire trust at first glance among customers, online shops like to use the Trusted Shops Trustmark. But to become a certified shop, some criteria must be fulfilled. We check these in our certification process.

Read here how you can prepare for certification by Trusted Shops.

Can I start collecting reviews even if the certification is not yet completed?

Yes, you can start collecting reviews as soon as you activate the Trustbadge® in your shop software. Do you have questions about the Trustbadge integration? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer success team at

Why do I already have to pay membership fees if I can’t use the Trustmark?

A successfully completed certification is necessary to use the Trustmark. We start the certification process immediately after registration.

Your membership also includes other booked services (e.g. the use of Trusted Shops customer reviews, product reviews as well as the Trustbadge®). You will have access to these services straight after successful registration.

How does the certification process work?

The basic requirements for an audit will be determined by a pre-check of your shop after the contract application has been processed.

Our certification process is as follows:

    1. We start with the pre-check of your shop after your contract has been accepted. To do this, we check for example whether information pages, encryption, and an ordering process are available or in case of a test environment, if this is accessible to us.
    2. Your contact person in the certification department takes over after the pre-check, for a full audit of your shop.
    3. Your auditor now checks your shop based on the Trusted Shops quality criteria.
    4. You will receive the outcome in an audit report. We will send you the points that still need to be worked on in order to get the Trustmark if you want to keep your workload at a minimum but also some useful Recommendations as an added bonus if you are feeling motivated to strive.
    5. Please give us a feedback via the My Trusted Shops account after all mandatory points of the audit report have been implemented in your shop. Afterwards your contact person audits your shop again and reports back to you with the new outcome.
    6. The status of your certificate automatically changes to “valid” once the audit has been completed and the Trustbadge® has been correctly integrated.
Which points will be checked in the audit? Is there an overview available of the points in detail?

You will find a detailed overview of the audit points classified by topics here and in your My Trusted Shops account.

When can I expect the first audit report?

You will receive the first audit report within a few working days providing all requirements for an audit have been met. Furthermore, you’ll receive an e-mail from us when your audit report is ready.

Can I also get my audit report in other languages?

Generally, the audit report is generated in the language of the shop.

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