During certification

In order to inspire trust at first glance among customers, online shops like to use the Trusted Shops Trustmark. But to become a certified shop, some criteria must be fulfilled. We check these in our certification process.

Read here what happens during the Trusted Shops certification process.

Where can I find my audit report?

Your assigned auditor sends you a link to “Your Audit Report” under which you can find the audit report. You can also find all audit reports for your membership in your My Trusted Shops account under “More > Audits”. Click on “All Audits” and then on the info button (Info-Button) of the related shop.

Audit page

Do I have to implement all the points from the audit report?

In principle, Trusted Shops recommends the implementation of all points specified in the audit report. In order to display our Trustmark, however, it is sufficient to implement the mandatory audit points (marked in yellow).


Our recommendations at the bottom of the audit report, which are marked in blue, are not mandatory in order to display our Trustmark. Nevertheless, the recommendations aim to offer some suggestions for the optimization of your shop, e.g. in areas such as consumer friendliness or information consistency.


Can I also discuss the audit report over the phone?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your contact person, should you have any questions regarding the audit report. Contact details can be found on the cover page of your audit report.

Is there a deadline to implement the points in the audit report?

There is no fixed deadline for the implementation of the audit report.

It is in your best interest to implement all mandatory points of the audit report as soon as possible. The quicker you do so, the sooner you can display the Trusted Shops Trustmark and the quicker your customers can benefit from the Buyer Protection.

How do I inform my auditor that I’ve implemented the audit report?

You inform us that you have implemented the audit report by clicking on “Please audit the shop again” in your My Trusted Shops account. Your auditor will then look at your shop again.

Do you still have questions about the individual points? Then contact your personal auditor again by e-mail or by phone. The contact details can be found on the cover page of your audit report.

How often does Trusted Shops check the outstanding points of the audit report?

The responsible auditor will check whether you have implemented all mandatory points (in yellow) of the last audit report after we have received your feedback. We will contact you if some mandatory points are still unclear or outstanding. The auditor will check your shop again after these points have been implemented. We repeat this process until all mandatory points have been implemented.

I’ve received a new audit report. Why are there points listed which had not been raised in the last audit?

It may happen that we adapt our quality criteria as a result of a realignment and evolution of our Trusted shops quality criteria. Sometimes it is unavoidable to repeat an audit with new points as we would like to offer you the most up-to-date basis for your audit. However, the faster the certification is completed, the less likely it is for you to be affected by such changes.

Why do I have to implement a certain audit point whereas another certified shop has not implemented it?

Essentially, the Trusted Shops quality criteria are subject to constant adjustment, which is necessary, especially in the quick evolving world of e-commerce. Therefore, it is possible that a shop that has already been audited, was audited based on slightly different criteria that were applicable at the time or are inherent to a specific business model.

In addition, each audit is specifically tailored to your shop and therefore contains the best implementation solutions according to our quality criteria.

All “member shops” are obliged to meet the Trusted Shops quality criteria at all times.

Can I display the Trustmark even if certification is not yet completed?

Please do not display the Trustmark in your shop until the certification process has been completed as this could otherwise lead to misunderstandings among your customers.

The status automatically changes after a successful audit and the Trustmark will be displayed if you have already integrated the Trustbadge®.

Can I also display the Trustmark in one of my shops that is in a different language?

Is it possible to display the Trustmark in shops with other languages.

However, you will need a corresponding certificate for each additional language variant which we can certify. Please contact members@trustedshops.com for further information.

Can I add or change my contact details for certification in My Trusted Shops?

Gladly, please contact our customer success team at members@trustedshops.com to add or change your contact details.

My company has moved. How can I change the address details?

Please notify us of any changes of address by contacting our customer success team at: members@trustedshops.com.

I’ve just passed the audit, but I don’t see the Trustmark in the shop. What is the reason?

You must integrate the Trustbadge® correctly, to display the Trustmark in your shop. Then the Trustmark automatically becomes valid immediately after the audit has been validated.

However, it can take up to one day before the Trustmark is displayed, depending on the browser and update process on our servers.

How can I integrate the Trustbadge® including the Trustmark into my shop?

You must correctly integrate the Trustbadge® to display the Trustmark in your shop. We will activate your Trustmark immediately after successful completion of the certification process. You will be able to see it in your shop within a maximum of one day.

Have you not integrated the Trustbadge® yet? Please use our integration guide or contact our customer success team at members@trustedshops.com.

Can I place the Trustbadge® in a different location of my shop?

You can adjust the appearance, position and the behavior of the Trustbadge® according to your needs. You will find a detailed description on how to customize the Trustbadge® on our website.

Can you also send me the integration guidelines in a different language?

We can also provide the integration guidelines in other languages. To do so, please contact our customer success team at: members@trustedshops.com.

How can I change the URL, the name of my shop or the image in the shop profile?

Please contact our customer success team at members@trustedshops.com, if you want to have shop details changed on your shop profile.

Review page

Why did I receive a new Trusted Shops audit report without prior notice?

The answer is simple: as our loyal customer, we want you to maximise your success with us. For this purpose, we have adapted our quality criteria even more to the needs of the consumers and keeping the secure shopping experience as our focus. A reassessment of your online shop thus became not only necessary but also useful for both of us. That's why we've checked your store based on our new, revised Quality Criteria.

On the one hand, this gives Trusted Shops the possibility to ensure and maintain the quality of your online shop according to our current criteria. On the other hand, we offer all our loyal customers who have not yet completed our certification process the opportunity to pass the certification on a fresh run and display our Trustmark as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you again, ideally with some good news having implemented the few remaining points.

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