Using Trusted Shops with Shopware 6


Are you using Shopware 5? You can find our integration manual as well as the free Trusted Shops plugin for Shopware 5 here.

Add & install plugin

The free Trusted Shops Extension for Shopware is available here. A detailed description of how to add extensions with Shopware can be found here.

Afterwards, the Trusted Shops plugin must be installed within your system. To do this, first select the menu item "Extensions" within the main navigation and click on the menu item "My extensions" in the drop-down menu that now appears.


Now an overview of your extensions appears. Within this overview, click the "Install app" button next to the added plugin to fully install the trustbadge.


Then activate the plugin by setting the switch from "deactivated" to "activated". After successful installation and activation of the plugin, you can begin with the configuration. To do this, click on the "..." button next to the plugin in the "My extensions" overview and select "Configuration".



You have successfully installed the Trusted Shops Plugin in Shopware 6. Next, we will show you how you can display the Trustbadge technology and configure it according to your individual requirements:

Show Trustbadge, integrate Buyer Protection & collect shop reviews

The unique Trustbadge® technology makes it so simple to collect, manage and display your customer reviews in your shop. You can also easily integrate your Trustmark and offer the Buyer Protection.

To display the Trustbadge® in your shop, click on the "Start" tab in the Trusted Shops Plugin and enter your individual Trusted Shops ID in the input field.

You can find your Trusted Shops ID in your dashboard in the My Trusted Shops backend. To do this, first log in to My Trusted Shops here. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the dashboard. In the right column of the dashboard, your shops which are registered with Trusted Shops are listed, with their respective Trusted Shops ID.


Now click on "Save" to complete the configuration.

Do you have a multi-shop, for example, do you use multiple different language shops? Here we explain how to configure your multi-shop with Trusted Shops in Shopware 6.

Select the "Shop Reviews" tab. In the section "Trustbadge" you can activate the Trustbadge and adapt it to your requirements.


Expert mode offers more options, but also requires advanced knowledge of code.

Under "Trustbadge Variant" you can select whether the Trustbadge should be displayed with or without Reviews Stars. 


If you want to temporarily deactivate the Trustbadge, select "Hide Trustbadge".

By default, the Trustbadge is displayed in the lower right corner of the shop. Using the input field "Vertical offset (in px)" the Trustbadge can be moved upwards on the right side of the screen. Click on "Save" to implement the adjustments.

Once you have completed these steps, you can now test the function of your Trustbadge. To do this, place a test order in your shop. If the Trustcard (“Buyer Protection Card") appears at the end of your order, you have successfully integrated the Trustbadge into your shop, the Buyer Protection is active and shop reviews are collected.


Show Shop Review Sticker with rating comments

In order to display the collected shop reviews prominently in your shop, you can also include the Trusted Shops "Shop Review Sticker".

To show the Shop Review Sticker, first go to the "Shop Review Sticker" section in the "Shop reviews" tab:


Then activate the option "Show your review comments in your shop". The Review Sticker is now displayed in the sidebar on the category page of your online shop:



What if my category page doesn't have a sidebar? Then please use our expert mode and assign the corresponding element from your shop in which you want the Shop Review Sticker to be displayed.

A menu will open in which you can adjust the display of the Shop Review Sticker:


Select the desired font in the menu and indicate how many review comments you would like to display in rotation (up to 5 reviews possible). Choose the minimum level of the star ratings which you would like to be displayed (from 1, very poor, to 5, excellent).

You can also adapt the background colour of the Shop Review Sticker to the design of your shop. To do this, either enter the hexadecimal value or simply select your desired colour by clicking on the colour field. To complete your changes, click "Save".

Collect and display Product Reviews

To collect and display not only Shop Reviews but also Product Reviews, activate the item "Collect Product Reviews".


This opens the sections "Product Reviews" and "Product Review Stars”.

Product Reviews


In the "Product Reviews" section, you have the option of integrating the collected customer reviews for each product using an additional tab.

Activate "Show product reviews on product detail page on additional tab":


If you have activated the integration on the product pages, you can configure the display according to your requirements in the next step:


Under "Name of product reviews tab" you can choose what name the tab will be displayed under on the product pages (e.g. “Here’s what our customers say"). In addition, you have the option of adapting the colours of the frame, the background and the Reviews Stars to your shop design. To do this, either enter the hexadecimal code directly into the input field or select the desired colour by clicking on the colour selection field. You can also adjust the size of the stars displayed (in px).

Product Review Stars


If you want to display the corresponding Reviews Stars on the product page under the name of the product, activate "Show star ratings on product detail page below product name".


Now you have the option of configuring the display of the Reviews Stars for Product Reviews according to your requirements.


If you activate the "Hide empty star ratings" option, the Reviews Stars will only be displayed if there is at least one rating for the corresponding product. If the field is not activated, stars are greyed out until the first rating is received.

You can also individually set the colour and size (in px) of the Reviews Stars as well as the font size.

Optimised sending of review requests

With the Trusted Shops Plugin for Shopware you can further optimise when your customer receives a review request.

To do this, submit the expected delivery date of your products from Shopware to Trusted Shops. Your customer will then receive the review request based on the expected delivery date and not, as before, based on the order date. This is useful for example if your products have different delivery times.


There are two options for submitting the expected delivery date:

  1. You can set a flat rate for the number of days after which your products will be delivered.
  2. You can use the delivery time that you have stored directly for the product in Shopware.

You make this setting once for available products and once for unavailable products.

In the plugin you have now made all the settings that are necessary to optimise your review requests. Click on Save. In order for your changes to take effect, you have to adjust a setting in your My Trusted Shops account here.


Go to the "Reviews" menu item in your My Trusted Shops account and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. Then click on "Collecting reviews" and under “Rate later" set "Send on the expected delivery date" to "Yes".

Your customers will now receive their review requests depending on the expected delivery date.

Configure multi-shops with multiple Trusted Shops IDs

Do you have a multi-shop, for example to sell your products in different languages? Then you will be using multiple Trusted Shops IDs. Here you can find out how you can configure your multi-shop individually with multiple Trusted Shops IDs.

The prerequisite for the configuration of a multi-shop is that you have set up another sales channel in your Shopware 6 backend. Learn how to set up a sales channel in Shopware 6 here. Your sales channels are displayed here in your Shopware backend:


As soon as you have set up your sales channels, select the shop for which you would like to configure your Trusted Shops settings in the Trusted Shops plugin under the menu item "Sales Channel":


Now enter another Trusted Shops ID and configure all your sales channels according to your individual needs, independently of your main shop.


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