Installing the Shopware 5 plugin

Do you use Shopware 6? The free Trusted Shops plugin for Shopware 6 with its corresponding integration instructions can be found here: Using Trusted Shops with Shopware 6
The new plugin is compatible with the following versions of your shop system:
  • from 5.6.5 on
  • 5.7, all minor versions
Your version is not compatible? In that case, you can continue to use your current plugin for the time being. Please keep in mind, however, that we will discontinue technical support for the plugin you have been using up to now on 30 March 2023. After this date, technical problems may occur.
We therefore recommend that you update your shop system as soon as possible and switch to the new plugin afterwards.

A new plugin has been available for Shopware 5 since November 2022. Therefore, there are two installation options:

Installation option 1: You already use a Trusted Shops plugin for Shopware 5.

  1. First, uninstall your previously used plugin with the help of the section on “Uninstallation”.
  2. Then install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.

Installation option 2: You have not used a Trusted Shops plugin for Shopware 5 yet.

  1. Skip the section on "Uninstallation".
  2. Install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.


  1. Log in to Shopware 5 backend.
  2. Click on "Configuration" in the main navigation area (01_16x16.png). Select "Plugin Manager" (02_16x16.png).
  3. The "Plugin Manager" opens up. In the menu on the left-hand side, click on "Installed".
  4. An overview of the installed plugins opens up. Click on the red circle ("Install / De-install") to the right-hand side of "Trusted Shops Trustbadge".

Your previously used plugin has been successfully uninstalled. Now follow the "Installation" section to install the current plugin.


As a user of Shopware, a free Trusted Shops extension is available in the Shopware Marketplace. A detailed description of how to install extensions with Shopware can be found here. Then upload the plugin in your Shopware backend under ">Configuration" > "Plugin Manager"


In the plugin manager, go to „Installed“ in the left sidebar to upload the plugin.


Use the button „Upload Plugin“ to add the Trusted Shops plugin.


You will find the Trusted Shops plugin in the section with uninstalled plugins. Now click the "+" to fully install the Trustbadge.


The plugin will now appear in the section with installed but deactivated plugins. Then activate the plugin by clicking the small, red "x".


You have installed and activated your plugin successfully! To start the configuration, please click on "Marketing" in the Shopware menu at the top and then select "Trusted Shops Easy Integration".



Now, follow these instructions to configure the plugin according to your individual requirements: Using Trusted Shops with a plugin

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