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The majority of users of the eTrusted review platform by Trusted Shops are rightly proud of a very positive overall rating for their shops: Their excellent grade has a positive effect on their sales. In this article you can read how the overall rating is calculated and how we manage to ensure that our customers are so positively rated.

The calculation of your overall rating

Whenever you collect a new review, your Trusted Shops overall rating will be recalculated and updated accordingly. Your overall rating is the average rating of all reviews that you have collected in the last 12 months. This means that: Reviews collected more than 12 months ago are no longer taken into account in the overall rating calculation.

If you use the extended optimised questionnaire, additional questions on delivery, products and customer service show up. This additional evaluation does not affect your rating but is shown to you as direct feedback.

Advantages of our review system

The Trusted Shops review system has these advantages: 

  • Conversion optimisation: The questionaire is optimised for collecting the highest amount of reviews possible. 
  • Additional Feedback: For negative reviews you get aditional and valuable feeback which is not public and helps you improve your customer service. 
  • Authentic overall ratings: Your overall rating is set directly by the customer which makes it very realistic and representative for the customer serice you offer. 

Check your overall rating on your review profile. You can also find the overall rating in the Control Centre for each of your channels.


Learn how to optimise the collection of reviews here:
How to effectively collect reviews?

Integrating external systems via API

External systems (content management systems, shop systems, ticket systems etc.) can query information about the overall rating of a channel via API. For more information visit our Developer Center or our API documentation.

Questions regarding your public review profile

Your overall rating is visible publicly in your review profile. However, some information send via reviews is only visible for you.

Are the reviews from all touchpoints immediately displayed to the public?

Currently, only the “checkout” touchpoint is available. We will continue to publish each star review on an individual basis in the future and each star review will be available after 24 hours at the latest. The additional feedback is, of course, only visible to you.

There are future plans to make each touchpoint, via which reviews are collected, visible to the public too. You have the option of either displaying all reviews or displaying no reviews.

Is additional feedback also displayed to the public?

No, additional feedback is never published. The public feedback results entirely from the overall experience, i.e. the star feedback and the free text.

 Are reviews without comment or review text also counted and published?

To ensure that you collect as many reviews as possible, rating stars are transferred to our systems right away, regardless of whether the questionnaire is filled in further or not. If a customer experience is added as a comment, the stars are published together with the text as a review on your Trusted Shops profile. However, if no text is entered, only the stars are published. They also count as a review and are included in your overall rating.

Are all the reviews displayed together for various touchpoints?

Currently, only the “checkout” touchpoint is available. Accordingly, all the reviews are displayed together by channel, i.e. by domain.

There will be various display options via widgets in the future. We are currently unable to confirm the details of how this will look and whether the reviews will be displayed for each touchpoint.

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