What information is required to set up my online profiles?

In this article we explain what information is required for the setup of online profiles you would like to add to Reputation Manager. 

The invite distribution feature is a great way to improve ratings on online profiles other than your Trusted Shops profile.

You can distribute a share of your review invites to your Google My Business profile and others. By that, the according share of invites will contain a link to that online profile so the user can rate their experience with your business on that review platform.

What information is required for ...


Often companies already have a trustpilot profile without even knowing they have one. This is because anybody can create a profile for any website.

It is easy to check whether you have a valid trustpilot profile:

  • Option 1: Visit trustpilot.com/review/www.website.com (replace the URL after “review/” with your own URL!).
  • Option 2: Visit trustpilot.com, type your company name into the search field and open your profile.

If your trustpilot profile’s rating could need improvement, set it up for invite distribution. Simply copy & paste the link to your business or online shop (everything that comes after “review/” in the trustpilot URL) into the according field in the eTrusted profile setup menu (Reputation Manager > Online Profiles > Add profile) and click “save”. Done!

Google My Business

It is almost impossible to ignore Google. Your Google My Business profile is used for Google Services like Google Maps. Adding a Google My Business profile to the Reputation Manager is very easy.

Under "Online Profiles" in the Reputation Manager, click on "+ Add Profile". In the input mask you can conveniently search for your current channel.

Each channel represents an online shop, a website or a company location. Your current channel is selected in the Control Centre in the top left corner.

Enter the name and (if necessary) the address of your company in the input field. As soon as you type in the first few letters, the input field will automatically show you suggestions from Google:


Continue typing to narrow down the suggestions. Once the correct entry is suggested you can select it. Next, all you have to do is click on "Save profile". Done!

Can't find your company?

In some cases companies cannot be found via the search. If this is the case, we will be pleased to add your company manually. Please send us an email to productsupport@trustedshops.com with the following information:

  • URL of your shop or company website
  • Your full address

Note: After receipt of your message we will activate your profile within 3 working days. Please contact us again if your profile has not been set up by then.

You aren't collecting Google reviews yet?

The Google support offers help if you like to create a Google My Business profile: Add your Google business listing

When is it smart to collect reviews on Google?
Google's offer is quite complex. Google My Business, Google Maps, Google seller ratings, Google Shopping... The following article sheds light on the subject:
Google My Business vs. Google Seller reviews: Google services encrypted

Other profiles

More profiles will be added in the future. Let us know which profiles you would like to see being added to the Trusted Shops invite distribution feature.

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