How to use the Reputation Manager?

Optimise your digital reputation across the internet with Trusted Shops. Setting up the Reputation Manager from Trusted Shops includes two easy steps:

  1. adding new profiles
  2. configuring the invite distribution.


What is the Reputation Manager and how does it help me?

Trusted Shops cares for your digital reputation. With our solution it is easy to collect reviews and display your online reputation to other customers with your Trusted Shops profile.

To improve your digital reputation on other services like Google My Business, you can add other profiles and distribute a share of your review invites to them. Trusted Shops will then ask some of your customers to give feedback on these other profiles instead of your Trusted Shops profile.

How can I add a new profile?

You can add a new profile in the overview under “Online Profiles” within the Reputation Manager section (1). At the beginning you will just find your Trusted Shops profile card in the profile overview. To add more, click on “Add profile” in the area next to your existing profile cards(2).


Next, chose the profile you want to add and click on “+ Add profile”.


In the next step, add the required information. Click “Save profile”to complete the process.

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In this article you can learn what information is required to add online profiles:
What information is required to set up my online profiles?

How can I set up the invite distribution?

Once you have added one or more profiles, navigate to the Invite distribution tab at the top.


At the beginning, your Trusted Shops profile is set to 100% which means that all review invites will be linked to that profile. Your other profiles are set to 0%.


If you want some of your customers to submit their reviews to other profiles, choose and click the desired percentage (1) for the corresponding profile (2), like in the screen below:


The distribution bar at the top (3) displays the distribution you currently have set up. The yellow section represents your Trusted Shops profile and can be between 50% and 100%. All your other profiles share the remaining space, depending on the percentage you have assigned to them.

You can change the percentage of invites linked to a profile at any time. To help you see the remaining available share, combinations which aren’t available will be greyed out. The share for Trusted Shops will always be at least 50%.

Please note that at least 50% of the review invites will always be linked to your Trusted Shops profile. A maximum of 50% can be distributed to other profiles.

Keep in mind: Users will need an account for the service you are forwarding them to, like Google. This might be an obstacle for some users.

Tip: You might want to assign higher percentages to profiles that urgently need improvement. This can be changed once the overall rating for the service in question got better.

Once you have finished setting up the invite distribution to your liking, press “Save”.

Extra Tip: It’s best practice to try out different distribution shares for your profiles. Make sure to track the results so you can see what distribution works best.

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