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Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Reputation Manager from Trusted Shops.

What exactly is the Reputation Manager?

Trusted Shops cares for your digital reputation. With our solution it is easy to collect reviews and display your online reputation to other customers with your Trusted Shops profile.

To improve your digital reputation on other review platforms like Google My Business, you can add other profiles and distribute a share of your review invites to them. Trusted Shops will then ask some of your customers to give feedback on these other profiles instead of your Trusted Shops profile.

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How can my business benefit from the Reputation Manager?

Even if you yourself only advertise your business with your Trusted Shops profile, on your own website, for instance, there still are other review platforms on which your rating might not be as good.

On platforms like Trustpilot or Google, customers and literally anybody with a Google account can rate and review your business. Often customers write a review when they were not so happy with their experience.

To improve your overall rating on affected online profiles, with the Reputation Manager you can send some of your customers review invites which are not connected to your Trusted Shops profile but to another review platform. For example, you can determine that 10% of all review invites will be linked to your Google My Business profile.

Because these reviews are a response to your invite, the overall rating usually is much better as also happy customers are asked for their opinion.

If we have made you curious, you are welcome to take a look at our Reputation Manager product page:
Reputation Manager: Get the 5 stars you deserve - everywhere!

How to add an online profile?

In the Online Profiles section, simply click on "Add profile" next to your Trusted Shops profile card.

More information can be found here.

What information is required to set up my online profiles?

Check out this overview to learn how to find the required information for a profile you would like to add to your Reputation Manager.

How can I set up the invite distribution?

Under the Invite distribution tab you find your Trusted Shops profile and all other online profiles you have added or still might want to add.

At the beginning, your Trusted Shops profile is set to 100%.

To configure that a share of your review invites will be linked to another profile, click on the percentage next to the corresponding profile and click "save".

The distribution bar above the profile list shows a live preview when you change the distribution.

Please keep in mind: Users will need to sign up or have a Google account to be able to leave a review. This might be an obstacle for some users.

Check out our detailed article.

Which distribution makes most sense?

The Reputation Manager works best for you and your business if you keep track of all incoming reviews on a regular basis. Fortunately, this is very easy as you can see the data and overall rating of all the profiles you have set up in the profiles overview.

We recommend to set up the distribution as required:

Example: If for instance your Trusted Shops profile has a very good overall rating but your Trustpilot profile does not, why don't you direct 50% of your review invites to your Trustpilot profile and check your success after two weeks? How many new reviews have you received on your Trustpilot profile and has the overall rating improved yet?

We recommend to optimise your settings every 14 or 30 days, depending on the total number of reviews you get. After some time, you will find a routine that matches your business' needs and suits your number of incoming ratings.

Will there be more profile options added in the future?

More profiles will be added in the future. Let us know which profiles you would like to see being added to the Reputation Manager.

The distribution of sent review invites in the Invite History does not match the distribution of invites in the Reputation Manager. Why is that?

The Reputation Manager does not have access to the Invite History data. For this reason, when deciding which review platform to send an invite for, it does not include the history of previously sent review invites. With your setting in the Reputation Manager's distribution of invites, you determine the exact percentage probability with which an invite is sent out for the respective review platform.

Example: You have set that 50% of your invites should be sent for Trusted Shops and 50% for Trustpilot. Then there is a 50% chance that any sent invite will be for Trustpilot. The Reputation Manager does not take into account the number of invites previously sent for Trustpilot when making a decision.

It is therefore possible that the number of review invites actually sent does not exactly match your settings in the distribution of invites.

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If we have made you curious, you are welcome to take a look at our Reputation Manager product page:
Reputation Manager: Get the 5 stars you deserve - everywhere!

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