How to remove a widget from my website?

With our eTrusted widgets you can easily show your good overall rating and your latest reviews on your website. Removing an implemented widget requires two steps:

  1. Deleting the code snippet from your website HTML.
  2. Deleting the widget from your active widgets.

We recommend that you follow this order, otherwise an empty space will appear on your website in the place of the deleted widget if you first remove it from eTrusted.

How do I delete the widget code from my website?

The HTML code of the widget you wish to remove needs to be deleted from the location in the website body where it is displayed.

To find the implemented DIV container / code snippet easier, you can simply copy the code from eTrusted again. Paste it into a text document or email and ( if necessary ) forward it to an administrator who can take care of deleting the code.

You should not remove the JavaScript code in the head of your website if you are using other widgets or plan to use them in the future. We therefore recommend that you do not delete the code snippet to ensure the functionality of all existing and future widgets.

How do I delete a widget from my active widgets?

You can remove widgets from your active widgets at any time by clicking the "Delete" button for the widget you want to remove:


You will receive a warning message which you must confirm by ticking a checkbox. You are informed that the HTML code is not automatically removed from your website, but the widget can no longer be displayed after you have deleted it from eTrusted. Please make sure to remove the HTML code from your website before you delete it from eTrusted.

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