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In the course of your co-operation with Trusted Shops you will work with different people. In order to be able to help you as quickly as possible with any questions that may arise, we would like to introduce the most important contact persons as well as their roles and tasks.


Trusted Shops offers online retailers a variety of interesting products and services. The task of our sales department is to place this offer on the market and to familiarise potential new customers with this offer. Besides the information we provide on our website for customers, the colleagues from the sales department are the most important contact point for all interested parties.

If you have not yet booked a Trusted Shops product, your personal sales contact will advise you on all questions concerning our company and our product portfolio. In addition, your contact person will analyse the current status quo of your online shop together with you, in order to make you a suitable offer with the products that fit your company.  

As soon as you have decided on an offer and registered with Trusted Shops, your co-operation with your sales contact ends. From the moment you sign the contract, our Customer Success Team will answer all your questions instead.

You have a question for our sales team? Then get in touch with our colleagues on +44 203 364 5906, or via the chat function on our Website.

Customer Success

While our sales department is primarily responsible for approaching and advising potential new customers, our Customer Success Team is the most important contact point for all existing customers.

Just a few days after your contract is signed, you will be assigned a personal Customer Success Manager within the team. Not only are they available to you in the first few weeks to answer all your questions about the integration of the Trusted Shops products you booked, but they also advise you on how to use the products optimally. In addition, your personal contact will always show you ways in which you can benefit even more from your Trusted Shops membership.

If you have a specific problem or question, the Customer Success Team is also your first point of contact. Our colleagues will either answer your enquiry themselves or put you in touch with a suitable contact in the company who can help you further.

So please do not hesitate to contact the team if you have any specific concerns. Please contact us for this purpose either on +44 203 364 5906 or Our colleagues are there for you from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (EST), so that you can reach someone as quickly as possible even in an emergency.


If you would like to have your online shop certified in order to acquire the Trusted Shops trustmark, another contact is important for you during the certification phase: the auditor of your shop.

Once you have booked the trustmark, a member of our certification team will check your online shop against the quality criteria defined by Trusted Shops. You can view these here in detail. The auditor will then prepare an audit report which will be sent to you immediately. This audit report lists all the points which you must rectify until a further test, in order to be allowed to bear the trustmark.

The fact that there is still a need for optimisation after the first audit is, by the way, completely normal and no reason for concern. Should you nevertheless have any questions regarding the certification process or individual parts of the audit report, your auditor will be happy to assist you. You will find the relevant contact details on the last page of your audit report.

Do you have general questions about the certification? Then please make contact at with our team.

More valuable information about certification is available here:
Category "Certification" in our Help Centre

Further contact persons

In addition to the departments mentioned above, Trusted Shops has a number of other teams that are in contact with online retailers. They can also help you with detailed questions.

  • Contract: Our contract team maintains your master and invoice data. So if, for example, your address changes, you want to change your method of payment or questions arise about an invoice, you are welcome to contact us at
  • Technical Success: As a rule, no advanced programming knowledge is required to integrate Trusted Shops products into your shop. However, sometimes a little technical support may still be necessary. In this case, the Technical Success Team is at your disposal at
  • Consumer: At Trusted Shops, the Consumer Team is responsible for business with consumers. This area also includes the Buyer Protection, which your customers can conclude if you have a valid trustmark. Do you have questions about the Buyer Protection? The Consumer Team can answer your questions at
  • Review Service: It is quite normal that you receive a negative review every now and then. This criticism is basically admissible. Yet there are reasons for reporting a review. Our review service checks the reviews you have reported and decides whether they need to be deleted or not. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us at
  • Legal: In addition to products such as the review system or the trustmark, Trusted Shops offers you a whole range of legal packages such as the protection from “Abmahnungen”. Do you have questions about these products? Then please contact us at

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