Why is it a good idea to optimise my overall rating on other review platforms?

There are many review platforms. Some are open, others are closed. With Trusted Shops you have chosen a provider that is trusted by customers - and with good reason: the Trusted Shops review platform is closed. This means that only authentic and genuine reviews will be published on your profile with us.

The situation is different with open review platforms such as Trustpilot or Google Maps (Google My Business from your perspective). On these platforms, anyone can post a review, regardless of whether or not they have actually purchased from you before. It might happen quickly that your overall rating on one of these profiles differs significantly from your Trusted Shops overall rating.

An example of very different ratings

Here we have a real example of a shop (we changed the name to "Demoshop") that is a customer of Trusted Shops and has implemented our Trustbadge® on their site (the search via Google was done on July 28, 2020):


What are we looking at? We see the results of a Google search for the mentioned online shop. In the search results stars are shown at the results from:

  1. the Trusted Shops review profile of the shop,
  2. the Trustpilot review profile of the shop.

The large deviation in the overall rating immediately catches the eye. While the rating for Trusted Shops is a very good 4.8, the shop on the open platform Trustpilot was only given a moderate 3.6. However, the rating is only made up of 8 individual ratings, while 1,814 reviews have already been collected on Trusted Shops. What is the reason for this?

Why is the overall rating often better with Trusted Shops?

There are several reasons why the overall rating of our customers on their Trusted Shops profile is often better than on other review platforms. We take a look at the most important reasons:

  • The Trusted Shops review platform is closed: This way we prevent people from rating your shop or website who did not buy from you nor had anything to do with you. The widespread "let go of frustration" or "trolling" does not exist with us, reviews at Trusted Shops are authentic.
  • After your purchase, customers are actively invited to give their opinions: Our automatic invite mailing system ensures that a large number of satisfied customers submit their reviews, including those who would not rate without an invite.
  • Negative reviews have less impact on your rating: If you actively collect reviews, your total number of reviews increases significantly, which means that negative reviews "vanish" and single bad reviews have a smaller negative effect on your overall rating.
  • The Trusted Shops brand is well known and trusted: In Europe our Trustbadge® is widespread and well known. This means that expectations of you are high right from the start. If you meet them and offer your customers a great shopping experience, you will be rewarded with a positive review.
  • Our review invites are optimised for a high conversion rate: By giving your customers your review invite at exactly the right time, the probability of a positive review is maximised. This results in a particularly high number of positive reviews, which in turn magically attract new customers.

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How can I improve my overall rating on Trustpilot and others?

Two aspects are crucial in order to obtain a good overall rating, made up of many submitted reviews:

  • Automatic invites at the right time,
  • High conversion of satisfied customers.

The Trusted Shops review platform has been fulfilling both aspects (and more) for a long time already. But now you can also use the trust of the Trusted Shops brand to invite some of your customers to review on an external review platform - with our Reputation Manager.

In this article we explain how the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager works
How to use Reputation Manager

With the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager, you can send out your review invites in the same automated way as you normally do, but you can choose to invite a proportion of your customers (for example 20%) to review on Trustpilot instead of Trusted Shops. The corresponding invites will look almost the same, so that customers are more likely to click on the "Review now" button. So it won't take long until you have massively increased the number of (positive) reviews on Trustpilot and improved your overall rating.

With the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager, a Google search that shows two very different scores directly below each other in the results is a thing of the past.

The Reputation Manager in motion pictures

Using a concrete example, we also explain the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager in this video:

If we have made you curious, you are welcome to take a look at our Reputation Manager product page:
Reputation Manager: Get the 5 stars you deserve - everywhere!

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