How to use the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk?

With the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk you can integrate your Trusted Shops reviews with your Zendesk environment. Once set up, tickets will be created and assigned to the responsible service teams.

You have the following options to manage review tickets:

  • Reply to a review and attach internal notes
  • Send replies via email
  • Find a review in the eTrusted Control Centre
  • Report a review
  • Keep track of your product reviews.

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Review management

Tickets for Trusted Shops reviews can be integrated seamlessly into your Zendesk workflow. They will be created automatically, according to your settings.

All tickets matching your criteria will appear in your Views list and behave similar to other tickets. You can see the star rating and the review title as well as the reviewer (if provided) in the list view:


Reply to a review

Click on a review to see the details. The review text is at the bottom of the ticket. Below the star rating and title, you find the input field for your reply. Type in what you would like to say or comment, choose whether it should be your public response or an internal note, and click Submit. Your public response will automatically be posted on your Trusted Shops profile.


Send your reply via email

At the right of each Trusted Shops ticket, there is the app interface with more details like reference, review date, channel and email address.

As you start typing your reply, an option will appear in the detail area, highlighted in grey. Leave the box "Send reply via email" checked to send your reply to the customer via email in addition to the public response on your Trusted Shops rating profile. If you uncheck the box, your answer will only show up on your public profile.


Customer context

Also in the app interface in the right sidebar, you find other recent tickets regarding the current customer. That might be support requests or other reviews. With this additional info you can instantly see open support requests and take these informations into account for your reply.

The most recent three tickets are displayed. Click on "More" to get the whole context and show your customers that you know situation they are in.


Did you activate Product Reviews for Zendesk during the setup of the eTrusted Smart Integration? If this is the case, you will also find the product reviews belonging to their service review in the app interface. Click on the "Product review(s)" tab to open the product reviews.


Find a review in eTrusted

Below the individual ratings for delivery, goods, and customer service, you find a link which brings you directly to that review in the inbox of your eTrusted Control Centre.

Report a review

At the bottom of the app interface at the right of each Trusted Shops ticket you find the option to report reviews, given that they violate our terms and conditions.

Not sure which reviews you can report?
In these articles we explain how to deal with negative reviews:
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If you are certain that a review is violating our terms of use, select the best-fitting reason from the dropdown menu and describe how the review text is inappropriate. Our Review Service Team will then evaluate your request.


Zendesk analytics options

Did you know? Zendesk offers several ways to evaluate your tickets. We have also linked our integration to Zendesk's analytics options so that you can analyse, for example:

  • Which star ratings (1 - 5 stars) were given last year?
  • How many ratings were responded to?
  • Which star ratings make up the overall score?

Read here how you can evaluate your Trusted Shops tickets and keep track of your goals:
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