How to assign Trusted Shops tickets in Zendesk?

With the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk you can manage reviews within the ticket system of your Zendesk environment.

  • Get tickets created for all incoming reviews or only specific ones.
  • Direct and assign tickets to the responsible service teams.
  • Your service teams can reply to reviews, comment on them, or report those violating our terms and conditions.

In two steps you can get the ticket assignment going and create a useful workflow. First, create accounts in the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk for each use case. Second, set up the conditions that trigger the ticket assignment. That’s it!

Assigning tickets to different service teams

The setup of a smooth ticket assignment includes determining which service teams should manage which reviews. Do you just have one team monitoring, replying and (if applicable) reporting incoming reviews or are there dedicated teams for individual channels? If you are an international company, for instance, you might have separate channels for all languages you operate in.

With the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk it is possible to differentiate between various ratings as well as between individual channels. For example, ratings below three stars from channel A and B can be assigned to a dedicated team while ratings between 4 and 5 stars from channel C are managed by another.

To establish such a workflow, you need to set up separate accounts in your eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk. You can find the corresponding settings in the Admin menu (⚙️) under Channels > Channel Integrations. Click on the gear wheel (⚙️) to the right of the Trusted Shops app entry and select Edit to add accounts or update existing ones.

Further details on how to set up accounts can be found in this article:
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Setting up ticket assignment

The second step of the setup is to determine which conditions should trigger the assignment of which tickets. To edit your trigger rules, click on Business Rules > Triggers in the Admin menu (⚙️) of your Zendesk environment:


At the top right, click Add trigger. Type in the name and description for your trigger that describe the conditions you are going to set up. Then, click Add condition under the headline Meet ALL of the following conditions as in this example:


Select the following conditions for all triggers regarding Trusted Shops reviews:

  • Ticket > is > created
  • Channel > is > Trusted Shops

If you have set up multiple accounts in your eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk, you can add the condition Integration account > is, followed by the account you would like to define a trigger for:


Once you are happy with the conditions, specify wich team the matching tickets should be assigned to. Under Actions, simply add the Group that works on these kinds of tickets:


Repeat these steps for all use cases you would like to cover. After a successful setup, your teams can manage incoming Trusted Shops reviews with ease as they integrate seamlessly into your usual Zendesk environment.

Keep in mind that you determine the conditions specific to Trusted Shops (which star ratings and which channels to consider) by adding accounts in the Channel integrations menu.

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