How do I use the Traffic Package?

How can you convince visitors to your shop to make a purchase? And how can you successfully attract happy customers back to your shop again and again? With the right offer at the right time. The Traffic Package provided by Trusted Shops enables you to control different campaigns in a targeted manner. This helps you not only to attract more customers to your shop, but also to keep them there.

What is the Traffic Package?

For shops that have already been migrated to the eTrusted rating platform, the Traffic Package consists of the following two components:

The extended shop profile: Attract customers to your shop


Your shop profile provided by Trusted Shops is the first point of contact for anyone who wants to find out about the ratings given for your shop. With the Traffic Package you have the option of placing a link to a campaign site and a discount voucher in a prominent position on this highly frequented website.

The exit-intent pop-up: Keep your visitors on your website


Almost 70 percent of all online shoppers leave the shop without having completed their purchase. The exit-intent pop-up addresses exactly this problem – and helps you not to lose your customers on their way to the checkout.

The exit-intent pop-up is a window that opens as soon as a visitor wants to leave your shop. It is triggered as soon as the mouse pointer is moved into the navigation bar of the browser, with the intention of closing the browser window or tab of your shop without having bought anything. Within this pop-up you have the option of showing a voucher or content about your shop to convince your customers to stay after all.

When you book the Traffic Package, you have access to both components, but you can activate each one separately and thus adjust the Traffic Package to your individual needs. We explain how you can do this here.

How can I book the Traffic Package?

To book the Traffic Package, you first need to log in to My Trusted Shops. After login, you will first be redirected to your Dashboard. Move your mouse pointer to the menu item "More" within the main navigation. A drop-down menu then opens. In this, click on "Upgrade Centre".


You will then be directed to the upgrade centre. In the already opened tab "Order products/services" you get an overview of all products and services that can be booked for your shop. First check the box in front of the Traffic Package and then click on the blue button "Order".


How do I activate and configure the Traffic Package?

Create voucher

To use the Traffic Package, first you need to create a voucher. First, move your mouse pointer to the "More" item in the main menu of My Trusted Shops. This opens a drop-down menu. Click on "Shop Vouchers" within this menu.


You are now shown an input field in which you can create your voucher. If you manage several shops via your My Trusted Shops account, you first need to select the shop for which a voucher is to be created in the upper right-hand corner.


Then you need to create your voucher using the input field. To do this, enter your chosen values in the corresponding fields.

  • Voucher code: In this field, enter the voucher code that your customers must enter during the checkout process in your shop to redeem the voucher.
  • Description: In this input field, try to describe the voucher in the best possible way so that your customers understand the associated offer. An example: “Get a 5 Euro discount"

You also have the option to enter additional values.

  • Voucher value: In this field, enter the discount associated with the voucher, for example 5 Euros or 10 percent.
  • Your own link: In this field you can enter the URL of a landing page in your shop where your customers can learn more about the voucher, for example.
  • Expiry date: Do you want to create a time-limited voucher? Then you can indicate when the voucher expires here.

Next, click on the yellow button "Publish voucher" to complete the creation of the voucher.

Within My Trusted Shops you only create the voucher in the Trusted Shops systems. So please remember to create the voucher in your shop backend as well.

Once the voucher has been created, you can activate the individual components of the Traffic Package. To do this, you must first switch to the corresponding overview. First move your mouse pointer to the menu item "More" in the main navigation. In the drop-down menu that now opens, click on "Traffic Package". On the overview page to which you are now directed, the individual components of the Traffic Package are arranged one below the other.


Activate and configure extended shop profile

First open the input field for the extended shop profile by clicking on the top blue arrow.


In the input field, select the voucher you want to display in your shop profile using the drop-down menu "Choose voucher" (1). Then configure the input fields that have not yet been filled in.

  • Campaign text (2): Here, you can enter text that informs visitors to your shop profile about the details of the voucher. An example: "Secure yourself a 5 Euro discount with this voucher!"
  • Target of the campaign button (URL) (3): If you have created a landing page where your customers can learn more about the voucher, you can link it here using the URL. This will create a button on your shop profile, which allows interested customers to find the landing page.
  • Text on the campaign button (4): You can of course customise the text that should appear on the button using this input field.


Finally, click on the yellow "Save" button (1). The display of your voucher in the extended shop profile is now complete. Next, click on "Activate" (2) to display the voucher on your shop profile.


Activate and configure the Exit-intent pop-up

Open the input field for the exit-intent pop-up by clicking on the middle blue arrow.


Within the input field, you can now decide which content you want to display in the exit-intent pop-up. Select "Voucher" (1) to use one of the vouchers stored in your My Trusted Shops backend. You can select the appropriate voucher by clicking on "Select one of your voucher codes" (2). If you want to be free to design the pop-up as you like, choose "Custom content" under (1). A code box will then open, in which you can enter your own HTML code. You can also determine the minimum length of time a customer must have spent in your shop before the exit-intent pop-up is displayed (3).


Then click on the yellow "Save" button (1) and activate the exit-intent pop-up with the button in the upper right corner of the input field (2).


On the overview page "Traffic Package", you should see another component below the input field for the exit-intent pop-up: the "Offers on the "thank-you-for-the-review” page". This component is currently not available for shops that have already upgraded to eTrusted. We will inform you here as soon as the component can also be used by shops migrated to eTrusted.

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