What is Google Integration?

For many people looking for products or services, Google is the first point of contact. To help you stand out from the crowd in this important channel, as an official Google Review Partner, Trusted Shops can offer you the helpful additional product Google Integration.

After booking Google Integration, Trusted Shops transfers your collected reviews to Google. Your reviews can then be displayed in Google Shopping and your Google Ads. In this way, Google Integration draws additional attention to your business and increases traffic on your website.

How does Google Integration benefit my shop?

Google Integration has a number of advantages for your shop:

  • Higher level of awareness: Star ratings in Google Shopping and your Google Ads grab attention and encourage visitors to click.
  • Stronger trust: Your potential customers can see at a glance that other consumers have rated you, ideally positively. This helps to establish trust in your business.
  • More clicks: Higher attention and stronger trust lead to more traffic on your website, and this leads to more customers.
  • Lower costs: Google Ads rates a high click-through rate positively. This way your quality factor improves and the cost per click (CPC) decreases.

Where are the reviews displayed?

The reviews are displayed in different places depending on whether they are service or product reviews.

Google Integration does not guarantee that your reviews will appear in every Google Ads campaign. The search engine itself decides based on its algorithms whether and in which search results it displays the reviews. Trusted Shops has no more influence on this than you do as a retailer. With the help of Google Integration, however, you create the conditions for your reviews to be transferred to Google, for the search engine to know about your reviews, and for it to display them. You can check how often your reviews are actually displayed in your Google Ads account. In this article, we explain the necessary steps for this: How can I find out how often my star ratings are displayed on Google?

Where are the service reviews displayed?

Firstly, service reviews are displayed in your paid Google Ads. There, they appear within paid Google search ads.


Secondly, service reviews can be displayed in organic Google Shopping results, e.g., if your customers interact with a product entry.



Where are the product reviews displayed?

Product reviews are displayed in paid Google Shopping ads. There, they appear below the product image, product title, and price.


How do I use Google Integration?

To be able to use Google Integration, you will first need to meet a few requirements. You can find more information in this article: How do I use Google Integration?

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