How can I find out how often my star ratings are displayed on Google?

The Google integration provided by Trusted Shops offers you an easy way to display your collected shop and Product Reviews in the Google Ads you have booked and on Google Shopping. Once you have booked Google integration, your ratings will be sent to Google daily via a direct interface.

If you have not booked any Product Reviews in your contract, the display of the stars only refers to your shop reviews.

How often are your star ratings actually displayed in the search results afterwards? In this article, we explain how you can obtain this important information.

Where can I find information about the display of my star ratings on Google?

To display your star ratings in Google search results, you need to turn on ads in Google Ads. In your Google Ads account, you will also find information about how often a given ad has been displayed and clicked on.

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on "All campaigns" in the top bar.
  3. Your campaign overview opens. Click on "Ads and assets" (01_16x16.png) in the right navigation bar. Then click on "Assets" (02_16x16.png).
Ad extensions such as Site links, snippets, locations, phone numbers and reviews are called "Assets" in Google. This also includes the shop reviews collected with Trusted Shops, which are called "Seller ratings" on Google.
  1. The "Assets" overview opens. If necessary, you can now adjust the time period you want to analyse. To do this, click on the date in the top bar.
  2. A selection field opens. Either select one of the preset periods (01_16x16.png) or define an individual period using the calendar (02_16x16.png). Then click on "Apply" (03_16x16.png).
  3. The selection field closes. Click on "Add filter".
  4. Enter the term "Source" in the search field and select.
  5. Check off "Automatically created" (01_16x16.png). Then click on "Apply" (02_16x16.png).
  6. Click on "More" (01_16x16.png). Then click on "Account-level automated assets" (02_16x16.png).
  7. A new table opens. In the line "Seller ratings", you will now find information on how your star ratings are displayed on Google. In the column "Impr." (01_16x16.png), you can see how often your star ratings have been displayed in Google search results within the selected campaign and for the defined period. The metric "Clicks" (02_16x16.png), on the other hand, shows how often your ad has been clicked on.

How can I check whether my collected ratings are transferred from Trusted Shops?

After you have booked Google integration, Trusted Shops transmits your ratings daily to Google via an interface. You can check the interface transfer from Trusted Shops to Google using the URL

Simply copy this URL into the address bar of your browser. Then replace the section of the URL that is marked in bold ( with the web address of your shop, but without the www at the start.

An example: the correct URL for the fictitious shop would therefore be

If you have entered the URL correctly in your browser, an overview will open, listing all reviews submitted to Google.

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