How do I manage user accounts?

Create additional user accounts

If you need another access for a colleague, you can create it in My Trusted Shops. There is currently no user management in the eTrusted Control Centre. Your settings are therefore automatically transferred from My Trusted Shops.

To create additional user accounts, you must have administrator rights in My Trusted Shops. You're not an administrator? Please ask the responsible person within your company. If you are not able to identify the responsible person, please contact your account manager via

First log in to My Trusted Shops and select the menu item "My contract" within the main navigation.


In the overview that now opens, open the "User" (1) tab and then click on the button "Create new user" (2).


This opens additional fields in which you can enter the personal data of your colleague. Then click on "Save".


You will then be automatically redirected to the "User" overview. Within the list of all user accounts, search for the newly created account and click on it. This opens a new view in which you can assign rights and roles to the new user account. By ticking the corresponding boxes (1), you assign the following rights:

  • Reviews: User can view and edit reviews.
  • Buyer Protection: User can view and edit Buyer Protection claims.
  • Legal-text-generator: User has access to the legal-text-generator.
  • Audits: Audits may be viewed by user. In addition, contact with Trusted Shops is possible with regard to the status of the audit.
If you have registered several shops with Trusted Shops, you can assign the rights for each shop individually. The shops are listed below each other.

In addition, you can assign administrator rights via a tick in the box "Administrator" (2). If the account has these rights, further accounts may be created, roles and shops assigned, payment data changed and invoices accessed via this account. Click on "Save changes" (3) to complete the assignment of rights and roles. You can then send your colleague an e-mail with the login data by clicking on the link "Send login data" (4).


Delete / deactivate user accounts

It is not possible to delete existing user accounts. However, you can deactivate accounts so that a login with the corresponding user data is no longer possible. To do this, first navigate - as described above - to the "Users" overview in My Trusted Shops. Then select the account you want to deactivate. Now click on the blue button with the pen, which is located to the right of the e-mail address.


In the overview that now opens, select the "Login" (1) tab and then click on the "Edit" (2) button.


Now place a tick at "Login inactive" (1) and click on "Save" (2). You have now deactivated the account.


To reactivate the account, simply untick "Login inactive" and save it again.

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