Installing the PrestaShop plugin

The new plugin is compatible with the following versions of your shop system:
  • from on
  • 1.7, all minor versions
  • PrestaShop 8, all minor versions
Your version is not compatible? In that case, you can continue to use your current plugin for the time being. Please keep in mind, however, that we will discontinue technical support for the plugin you have been using up to now on 6 April 2023. After this date, technical problems may occur.
We therefore recommend that you update your shop system as soon as possible and switch to the new plugin afterwards.

A new plugin has been available for PrestaShop since December 2022. Therefore, there are two installation options:

Installation option 1: You already use a Trusted Shops plugin for PrestaShop.

  1. First, uninstall your previously used plugin with the help of the section on “Uninstallation”.
  2. Then, install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.

Installation option 2: You have not used a Trusted Shops plugin for PrestaShop yet.

  1. Skip the section on "Uninstallation".
  2. Install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.


  1. Log in to the PrestaShop Backend.
  2. In the main navigation, click on "Modules" (01_16x16.png) and then on "Module Manager" (02_16x16.png).
  3. The overview "Module manager" will appear. In the search bar, enter "Trusted Shops" and start the search.
  4. Click on the small arrow to the right of "Trusted Shops Reviews Toolkit" (01_16x16.png). Next, click on "Uninstall" (02_16x16.png).
  5. A pop-up window opens up. Click on "Yes, uninstall it".

Your previously used plugin has been successfully uninstalled. Now follow the "Installation" section to install the current plugin.


With the new PrestaShop plugin, you can automatically collect reviews. You can link the sending time of the review invites by default either to the order date or when the order status "shipped" is reached.

If these options are sufficient for you, please continue with the installation.

Would you like to link the sending time to a different order status than "shipped"? Then simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the readme file that you downloaded with the plugin.
  2. Carry out the steps described in the readme file.

Note: Complete these steps before uploading the plugin to your PrestaShop backend. A change to the Properties JSON file is only applied by resetting the plugin. If you perform them at a later time, your plugin configuration will be lost.

  1. Continue with the installation.

Log in to your PrestaShop backend. Within the main navigation on the left edge of the screen, first click on "Modules" (01_16x16.png). Click on "Module Catalog" (02_16x16.png). Now a new overview opens. Enter "trusted" in the search field (03_16x16.png) and click on the blue "Search" button. As a result, the Trusted Shops plugin appears with the name "Trusted Shops Easy Integration".


As an alternative, you have the option of downloading the Trusted Shops plugin for PrestaShop directly here: Trusted Shops Easy Integration

Click on the "Install" button belonging to this plugin.


With this you have started the installation of the plugin. Once the installation has been successfully completed, a green note will appear at the top right of the screen to inform you that the installation is complete.


Click on "Modules" (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation on the left side of the screen and then on "Module Manager" (02_16x16.png) in the menu tree that opens. Now a new overview opens. Then click on the “Configure" (03_16x16.png) button to go to the configuration.



Now, follow these instructions to configure the plugin according to your individual requirements: Using Trusted Shops with a plugin

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