Installing the WooCommerce plugin

A new plugin has been available for WooCommerce since September 2022. Therefore, there are two installation options:

Installation option 1: You already use a Trusted Shops plugin for WooCommerce.

  1. First, uninstall your previously used plugin with the help of the section on “Uninstallation”.
  2. Then, install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.

Installation option 2: You have not used a Trusted Shops plugin for WooCommerce yet.

  1. Skip the section on "Uninstallation".
  2. Install the current plugin with the help of the section on “Installation”.


  1. Log in to the WooCommerce Backend.
  2. In the main navigation, click on „Plugins“ (01_16x16.png) and then on „Installed Plugins“ (02_16x16.png).
  3. An overview of your installed plugins will appear. Search for „Trustbadge Reviews for WooCommerce“ and click on „Deactivate“.
  4. Your plugin is now deactivated. Click on „Delete“.

Your previously used plugin has been successfully uninstalled. Now follow the "Installation" section to install the current plugin.


First open your WooCommerce backend. And select the menu item "Plugins" (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation on the left hand side. In the menu tree that now opens, click on “Add new" (02_16x16.png). An overview will then open, in which you can search for new plugins. Enter the word "Trustbadge" in the search field (03_16x16.png) to search for the Trusted Shops plugin. As soon as the plugin marked in the following screenshot appears, you can click on "Install now" (04_16x16.png).


Please click on the button "Activate" afterwards.


The Trusted Shops plugin is now installed. You can check this in the "Installed Plugins" overview. To do this, select the corresponding menu item in the main navigation.


Once you have found the Trusted Shops plugin in the list, click on "Settings" to go to the configuration.



Now follow these instructions to configure the plugin according to your individual needs: Using Trusted Shops with a plugin

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