How do widgets look like on my website?

In the eTrusted widget library you will find a number of modern widgets that will help you make your excellent Trusted Shops rating and your authentic reviews visible. The use of our widgets is already included in your Trusted Shops membership at no extra charge.

There are currently five different widgets available to you. The selection is constantly being expanded. In this article, we show you what the widgets might look like on your website. Of course, you can adapt the design of the widgets to your website layout.

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How to add widgets to my website?
How do I integrate Product Review Widgets on my website?

Trusted Stars eye-catching yet subtle

Our Trusted Stars are subtle and show your overall rating and the number of reviews you have collected so far. Of course, the Trusted Shops logo as a guarantee for a safe shopping experience should not be missing. Use Trusted Stars as a separating element between two content blocks or e.g. at the top of your website to maximise visibility.


Review carousel - browse through real reviews

True to the motto "trust at first sight", visitors can instantly see what experiences others have made with your business when you use the review carousel. Like a real carousel, the Review Carousel can be "rotated" ever further, so that visitors can search through the testimonials, product photos and reviews of your customers without having to open your Trusted Shops review profile. You have never been able to gain trust more quickly.

Please note that you must have collected at least five reviews with more than 12 characters each, before the widget can be displayed in your shop.


You are ready for widgets and would like to try them out? Here's the setup guide:
How to add widgets to my website?

Customer Voice - share the best experiences to strengthen your brand

The Customer Voice widget allows you to highlight a service review on your website. Prominently sharing an excellent experience can convince other customers of your service. Additionally, it strengthens your brand and creates transparency.

Finding a suitable rating is easy with the Customer Voice Widget, which only gives you ratings with four or more stars in the pre-selection.   

You can choose the height of your Customer Voice Widget, whereas the width is limited to 700 pixels (minimum 350px). The length of the text must be between 5 (minimum number) and 300 (maximum number) characters.


Full Review List - the most complete widget for your product reviews

The Full Review List is the most complete widget for your product reviews. It offers your customers star ratings, diagram and comments. You also have the option of displaying product photos uploaded by your customers within the reviews. For full transparency, your visitors can load and read all reviews. Use the widget as a footer below your product description or as a column next to it - either will work perfectly. 


Mini Stars - product ratings at one glance

With Mini Stars your customers get a quick overview of your products' popularity while browsing. Stars and Ratings will make it easy to gain a first impression and to make the right product choice. This widget looks perfect on any page where several products are presented but also as an additional label, next to each product’s information. 


Are there more widgets?

There will be more widgets in the future. We are constantly striving to give you more options, more widgets, more choice and therefore more visibility on the web. To stay informed, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter.


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