What is the Shop Review Sticker?

In eTrusted you have several elaborately designed widgets at your disposal. You can use these to present your shop reviews to your customers, to help you convince them to use your company. In addition to these widgets, there is another presentation option with the same objective: the Shop Review Sticker.


However, unlike the widgets, the Shop Review Sticker will no longer be further developed and will be completely replaced by the widgets in the medium to long term. For the time being, you can continue to use the Shop Review Sticker without worrying about this.

Step 1: Configure the Shop Review Sticker

A note in advance: Some of the plugins offered by Trusted Shops enable the Shop Review Sticker to be easily and quickly installed. So please check here to find out whether a plugin is available for your shop system and whether it supports the integration of the Shop Review Sticker: How can I start with the Trustbadge® integration?

You can also install it manually in your shop system. The basis for this is the following JavaScript code.

<div id="reviewsticker"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
  _tsRatingConfig = {
        variant: 'testimonial',
reviews: '5',
        betterThan: '3.5',
        backgroundColor: '#ffdcof',
        fontColor: '#000000',
        linkColor: '#000000',
        fontFamily: 'Arial',
        quotationMarkColor: '#ffffff',
        reviewMinLength: '10',
        element: '#reviewsticker',
       locale: 'en_GB'
  var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT'),
  me = scripts[scripts.length - 1];
  var _ts = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
  _ts.type = 'text/javascript';
  _ts.async = true;
  _ts.charset = 'utf-8';
  _ts.src ='//widgets.trustedshops.com/reviews/tsSticker/tsSticker.js';
  me.parentNode.insertBefore(_ts, me);
  _tsRatingConfig.script = _ts;

You will need to make some adjustments within this code, which we will explain below. In the following, we will clarify the individual parameters of the code and the functions they perform.

  • tsId: This parameter links the Shop Review Sticker to your review profile and ensures that the correct shop reviews are displayed in your sticker. So please enter your Trusted Shops ID as value for this parameter.
  • variant: This parameter is fixed and should not be changed.
  • reviews: This parameter allows you to determine how many shop reviews roll within the Shop Review Sticker. The default setting is five reviews, which is also the maximum number. But you can also set the number of reviews to be lower.

You also have a few options for configuration.

  • betterThan: This allows you to define what the minimum rating of the reviews shown via the Shop Review Sticker should be. By default, the minimum rating is three and a half stars. However, you can of course enter a different value to adapt the minimum rating to your needs.
  • backgroundColor: This parameter allows you to define the background colour of the Shop Review Sticker. The default setting is yellow. If you want to change this, simply enter the hexadecimal value of the desired colour as the value.
  • fontColor: This parameter determines the colour of the font. The default is black, but you can adjust this colour by entering a different hexadecimal value.
  • linkColor: Using this parameter, you can define the colour used to display the link to the shop profile at the bottom of the sticker. This can also be changed by entering a hexadecimal value. The default setting is black.
  • fontFamily: With this parameter, you can select the font to be used in the Shop Review Sticker. The default setting is Arial. Other choices are Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Sans-serif, Serif, Trebuchet MS and Verdana.
  • quotationMarkColor: This parameter allows you to choose the colour of the inverted commas that will be displayed at the top of the Shop Review Sticker. The default setting is white. If you want to change this colour, you can also choose another hexadecimal value.
  • reviewMinLength: This parameter defines the minimum length which reviews should have in order to be displayed in the Shop Review Sticker. By default, this value is set to 10 characters. But you are free to adjust the character limit.
  • element: This parameter connects the JavaScript code to the DIV element defined in the first line of code. You can of course specify the ID of the DIV element yourself. If you want to change the ID, just remember to adjust the ID in both the DIV element and the 'element' parameter. The # cannot be left out of the parameter.
  • locale: This parameter determines the language of the content not generated by your customers and the date format. The default setting is the English language and the standard format in the United Kingdom (e.g. 22/01/2020). The value for locale needs to have the following format language_COUNTRY. The designations follow the ISO-639 and ISO-3166 codes. An example: The appropriate value for Germany would therefore be de_DE.

You have now prepared the JavaScript code for the Shop Review Sticker.

Step 2: Position the Shop Review Sticker in your shop

In order to integrate the Shop Review Sticker into your online shop, you will need to copy the entire JavaScript code including the DIV element in the first line of code and paste it into your shop at the point where the Shop Review Sticker is to be displayed.

After this, you will have successfully integrated the Shop Review Sticker into your shop.

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