Integrate Trusted Shops into your shop

The Trustbadge® is the central element for use of all Trusted Shops products. It not only automatically sends Review Invites, but also offers your customers our Buyer Protection after the checkout. It also acts as a figurehead, with which you present your Trustmark and your already collected customer reviews to your customers at a glance. This makes the Trustbadge a central pillar of the conversion effect you can achieve with Trusted Shops.


We have put together a collection of useful information about the Trustbadge and it's numerous advantages for your shop in this article: What is the Trustbadge?

To make sure that you can benefit from these advantages quickly, the Trustbadge integration should be one of the first steps you take with Trusted Shops

The Trustbadge integration


Step 1: Selection of the appropriate integration guideline

To integrate the Trustbadge in your shop you need:

  • Your Trusted Shops ID (starts with an “X...”), which you can find in the My Trusted Shops dashboard
  • The appropriate integration guideline for your shop system and requirements

Please select your shop software from the following list.

bigcommerce_220x122px.png ekm_220x122px.png epages_220.png JTL_Shop_220.png
lightspeed_220.png magento_logo.png xtmodified_220.png Opencart_220.png
oscommerce_220.png plentymarkets_Logo2020_Claim_220_final.png Prestashop_220.png shopify_220.png
shopware_220.png woocommerce_220.png zencart_logo-1.png google-tag-manager_220x122px.png


You can integrate the Trustbadge into your shop on your first day with Trusted Shops to start collecting and displaying reviews right away – even if your shop isn’t certified yet. As soon as you receive your first review, it is automatically shown by the Trustbadge. Once you have successfully completed your audit, the Trustmark will also appear and the Buyer Protection will be activated. 


We offer a suitable plugin for many standard shop software systems. A plugin allows you to integrate the Trustbadge into your shop and in many cases allows additional individual settings that suit your shop. Little or no programming knowledge is required for this. To access the appropriate integration guideline, select the shop software you use from the tile selection shown above.

Is the shop software you use not shown or do you use a custom solution for your business? Then please click on the yellow tile “Your shop software isn’t shown?” You will be redirected to a tutorial in which we show you how to manually integrate the Trustbadge into your shop template.

In this case, the Trustbadge integration requires a little experience with code. If you require more assistance than is offered in the integration guideline, we would be happy to help you from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at or +44 203 364 5906.

Step 2: Integrate the Trustbadge

Once you have found the appropriate integration guideline for you, please use this to integrate the Trustbadge into your online shop. If you use a plugin, the integration generally requires little or no programming knowledge. The tutorial guides you step by step through the integration, so that the Trustbadge is incorporated into your shop in just a few minutes and you can use your Trusted Shops products immediately.

Are the configuration options described in the integration guideline not enough to adapt the Trustbadge to the individual circumstances of your shop? Then please also use this article: How do I adapt the Trustbadge® to my requirements? Here we explain all the customisation options for the Trustbadge.

Step 3: Test the Trustbadge in your shop

As soon as you have completed the integration, you should test the functionality of the Trustbadge in your shop.  For this purpose, please carry out a test order. If the Trustcard (“Buyer Protection Card") appears at the end of your order, you have successfully integrated the Trustbadge into your shop, the Buyer Protection is active and shop reviews are collected.


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