No incoming reviews, what now?

The Trusted Shops review platform makes the effective collection of reviews quite easy. However, if you find that all of a sudden there are no more reviews arriving in your inbox (or significantly less), you can check the following things:

Check the invite dispatch

Check when the last review invites were sent to customers in your invite history (menu " Invites").

If no review invites have been sent recently, although customers have made purchases from you, check under Invitation Rules to see whether one rule for the automated sending of review invites is active and whether this rule meets your preferred criteria.

Rules can be customised in the "Automation" menu at the bottom left.


It is also possible that your invites are sent out correctly, but the rule you use for the automated dispatch is not adjusted to ensure optimal conversion.

If you send out your invites at 4 a.m. for example, your customers will often see your emails early in the morning. At that time, however, the willingness to give a review is not as high as at lunchtime.

The same applies to the sending delay. It should correspond with the shipping time. Review invites that arrive before the ordered goods arrive will apparently be ignored.

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Check the status of sent invites

If your review invites are sent out correctly, but the status of some reviews is "Rejected", for example, it is worth clicking on the corresponding entries and taking a look at the reasons for the rejections.


Often the information about why a review invite was not delivered can already solve the puzzle. Perhaps some email addresses are not correct or customers have been invited to give a review several times by mistake.

Consider invites distributed with the Reputation Manager

If you use our Reputation Manager to invite customers to leave a review for your service on Trustpilot and other platforms, these review invites will never be given the status "review received" because the review is not submitted on our platform. You can recognise review invites that forward to an external platform by the small symbol in the list overview.


So there is no problem if, for instance, you started inviting 50% of your customers to review on Trustpilot a week ago, and since then about 50% fewer reviews end up in your inbox. In fact, everything then works as it should.

In order to see whether customers submit their reviews on Trustpilot in response to your invite, monitor the overall rating and the number of reviews of your Trustpilot profile in the profile overview of the Reputation Manager. You can also visit your profile with one click and read the reviews your customers have given there.

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Is there some other problem?

For your questions and all details about customer reviews, our team is at your disposal. Please leave us a message.

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