How does the Online Audit Report work?

The central part of the Certification Process at Trusted Shops is the Audit of your web shop. The initial audit report lists your open to-dos. Only when all the open to-dos have been implemented in your web shop will you be entitled to show the Trustmark with Buyer Protection allowing you to communicate the quality and trustworthiness of your company to the digital world.

The Trusted Shops audit report is available as a PDF document and as an Online Audit Report. Both audit options are based on the same Quality Criteria. In this article, we explain how easy it is to use the Online Audit Report as well as how to request a re-audit (or control check) once all open audit points have been completed.

Where can I find the Online Audit Report?

If you have received an online report, you can not only look up the open audit points online but also work on them directly. All audit reports can be found in your personal area of My Trusted Shops (myTS). An audit report that you have not processed yet should be visible in your personal dashboard on the myTS home page. All you need to do is click on "Audits".


On the Audits Overview page, you can find the audit report under the item "Open Tasks" which can be accessed by clicking on the "Show required changes" button:


How do I use the Online Audit Report?

The Online Audit Report is divided into three sections:

  • At the top left (01_16x16.png), you will find the shop’s URL as well as the contact details of your personal auditor at Trusted Shops and the current status of the audit report.
  • Under "Necessary adjustments" (02_16x16.png) you will see all the open to-dos of the Online Audit Report.
  • The section on the right (03_16x16.png) shows a detailed overview with hints, samples and additional information concerning the selected audit point.


To start working on a to-do, you need to click on a to-do item (arrow) in the list. While browsing through the audit points, no specific order needs to be followed. The detailed overview section of the to-do (on the right) provides you with further instructions on what exactly needs to be adjusted to complete the point successfully.


Whenever you have successfully implemented an open to-do on your online shop, you can mark the corresponding item as completed via the "Done" button or with the check mark in the to-do list.

The switch-button above the to-do list will hide the already completed tasks, allowing you to keep your list clean and tidy.

No time right now? You can decide at any time to resume the processing of the audit points at a later stage by clicking on "Continue later". To-do’s already marked as "done" will then be saved for later, even when logging out of the myTS environment.


How can I ask for a control check (so called re-audit)?

Once you have marked all to-do’s as completed, it is possible to request a control check (so called "re-audit") right away by clicking on the "Check again" button. The "Check again" button is only clickable when all the open to-dos have been marked as completed and you ask Trusted Shops to carry out a control check.


After your request for a control check, your personal auditor will re-examine your online shop. You will be informed once the control check has been completed and you can access the updated audit report again on your personal area of My Trusted Shops (myTS).

Should you still have questions about specific points, please get in touch with your dedicated Certification contact directly via e-mail or by phone. The contact details can be found in the area of the Online audit report at the top of the page.

In our Help Centre – Sections Certification we are also happy to help you with some frequently asked questions about Certification topics.

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