How does the digital audit report work?

A central part of the certification process at Trusted Shops is the audit of your online shop. Only when all the necessary to-dos have been implemented on your part, you are entitled to the Trusted Shops Trustmark, with which you can communicate the quality and trustworthiness of your company to the world.

Our audit report is available as both a PDF document and a digital audit report. Both audit variants are based on the same quality criteria. In this article, we explain how easy it is to use the digital audit report and request a new audit once all open points have been dealt with by you.

Where can I find the digital audit report?

If your audit report is not a PDF document, you can not only view it online, but also edit it directly. You can find all audit reports in your personal area of My Trusted Shops. The pending audit report should be visible in your dashboard on the homepage, but you can also access it via the menu "More > Audits":


You will then find your audit report under the item "Open audits" which you can access by clicking on the button "Show required changes":


How do I use the digital audit report?

The digital audit report is divided into three sections.

  • At the top left you will find your shop URL, contact details for your contact person at Trusted Shops and the status of your audit report.
  • Under "Required adjustments" you will see a list of all open to-dos.
  • In the right-hand section you will find the detail area which shows more information about the to-do you have selected.


To start working on a to-do, click on the arrow of a task in the list. You do not need to follow any order. In the detail area of the task, you will find out what exactly has to be done to fulfil the requirement.


In some cases, you will also find examples in the details section that you can use as a guide, or helpful links such as the link to our legal text editor.

Whenever you have implemented an open to-do on your website, you can mark the corresponding item as completed via the "Completed" button or via the tick in the to-do list.

To simplify the organisation, you will find a button above the to-do list with which you can hide all completed to-dos.


How do I initiate a new audit?

As soon as all to-dos have been marked as completed, the button "Request new audit" is activated for you and you can initiate a new audit of your shop.


After you have sent us your request to be re-audited, your certifier will take another look at your shop or website and contact you once the new audit is completed.

If you have any questions about individual points, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact person by e-mail or telephone. You will find the contact details at the top of the online audit report. In the Certification section, we answer frequently asked questions on the topic.

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