Using Trusted Shops with Magento


Add & install Plugin

To get started, download your free Trusted Shops Extension for Magento here. You can then install the extension using the composer provided by Magento. We explain how to use the composer to integrate an extension into Magento here.


In the previous step you successfully installed the Trusted Shops Plugin. In the following we will show you how to display the Trustbadge® in your online shop and how to configure it according to your individual wishes.

Show Trustbadge, integrate guarantee & collect shop reviews

The unique Trustbadge® technology makes it so simple to collect, manage and display your customer reviews in your shop. You can also easily integrate your trustmark and offer the guarantee.

To integrate the Trustbadge into your shop, you will first need to open your Magento backend. In the main navigation on the left side you will find the menu item "Stores" (01_16x16.png). Click on this to open another menu. Within this menu you need to select the menu item "Configuration" (02_16x16.png).


This opens a new navigation menu on the left side. Within this menu, select the item "Trusted Shops" (01_16x16.png). A drop-down menu will then appear. Click on the menu item "Account" (02_16x16.png). In the input field (03_16x16.png) that opens you can log in with your access data stored with Trusted Shops.

Have you forgotten your access data? No problem: In this article we explain how you can obtain your access data or set a new password: Where can I get my access data?


After you login, a new overview page will appear. Within this overview page you will need to link your Trusted Shops ID to your shop. The section "Configure your Trusted Shops IDs" lists the stored IDs one below the other. For each ID you will find a menu below the heading "Magento Shop". Within this menu, select the shop matching the respective Trusted Shops ID. 

You can find your Trusted Shops ID (starting with X...) in your dashboard in the My Trusted Shops backend. To do this, first log in to My Trusted Shops here. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the dashboard. In the right column of the dashboard, your shops which are registered with Trusted Shops are listed, with their respective Trusted Shops ID.


Now click on the "Save Config" button to save your settings.


More tabs will appear within the navigation bar below the entry "Trusted Shops". At this point select the tab "Configuration".


In the section "Trustbadge" you can adapt it to your requirements. Under "Variant" (01_16x16.png) you can select whether the Trustbadge should be displayed with or without star ratings.


Here you can see the Trustbadge with and without star ratings:


If you want to disable the Trustbadge temporarily, you can select "Hide Trustbadge”. 

By default, the Trustbadge is displayed in the lower right corner of the shop. By entering a number of pixels in the field "Vertical Offset" (02_16x16.png) you can move the Trustbadge upwards on the right edge of the screen. Click on "Save Config" to implement the adjustments. 

Once you have completed these steps, you can now test the function of your Trustbadge. To do this, place a test order in your shop. When the Trustcard (“Guarantee Card") appears at the end of your order, you have integrated the Trustbadge into your shop and the guarantee is active. 


Collect and view Product Reviews

If you want to collect Product Reviews in your shop, you first need to scroll down to the "Product Reviews" section within the Trusted Shops Extension. In this section you will find the drop-down menu "Collect Product Reviews". In this menu, select the option "Yes".


This opens the sections "Product Review Sticker" and "Product Review Stars".

Product reviews

Using the section “Product Review Sticker” you have the option of integrating the collected customer comments on a product via an additional tab on the respective product detail page.


Activate the setting "Show Product Reviews on Product Detail page on additional tab 'Trusted Shops Reviews'" by selecting the status "Yes" in the drop-down menu.


Once you have activated the integration on the product pages in this way, you can configure the display according to your wishes in the following step.


Using the "Product Review Tab Label" input field, you can determine the name under which the tab should be displayed on the product detail pages (e.g. “Here’s what our customers say"). In addition you have the option of adjusting the colours of the frame and the star ratings to your shop design. To do this, enter the corresponding hexadecimal code of the desired colour directly into the input field.

Product Star Ratings

Within the section "Product Review Stars" you have the optionto display the corresponding star ratings below the product name on the product detail page.


To do this, activate the function "Show Star ratings on Product Detail Page below your Product Name“ by selecting the status "Yes" in the drop-down menu.


Now you have the possibility to configure the display of the star ratings for product reviews according to your wishes.


On the one hand you can adjust the colour of the star ratings to your shop design. Simply enter the hexadecimal code of the desired colour in the corresponding input field. On the other hand you can vary the size of the star ratings and the font. All you have to do is enter the respective number of pixels within the input fields.

Show Shop Review Sticker with rating comments

To display the collected Shop Reviews prominently in your shop, you can integrate the Shop Review Sticker provided by Trusted Shops in addition to the Trustbadge.

Within the plugin overview, scroll down to the section "Review Sticker". Activate the Shop Review Sticker by clicking on the status "Yes" within the drop-down menu "Show Shop Reviews".


The Shop Review Sticker is now displayed in the footer of your online shop.


After you have activated the Shop Review Sticker in the plugin, a menu opens within the plugin that allows you to adjust the display of the Shop Review Sticker.


The menu allows you to select the desired font as well as to specify how many rating comments you want to display in rotation. Up to five reviews are possible. On top of that you can choose the minimum level of the star ratings which you would like to be displayed (from 1 for "very poor" to 5 for "excellent").

You can also adapt the background colour of the Shop Review Sticker to the design of your shop. Simply enter the corresponding hexadecimal value in the input field. To finalise your changes, click on "Save”.

Optimised sending of review requests

Within the menu item "Reviews" you have the possibility to optimise the sending date of your review requests. In order to use this feature within our new review platform eTrusted, you must first have it activated, which is free of charge. Therefore, please contact before using the feature. After the activation by Trusted Shops, you can use these instructions to adjust your desired settings.

By default, review requests from Trusted Shops are automatically sent on the seventh day after the order is received. However, with the Trusted Shops Extension for Magento you can adapt the time at which your customers receive a review request, according to your processes. To enable you to do this, an API is integrated into the extension. Using this API, you can decide for yourself at what time after reaching a Magento status defined by you (e.g. "Order delivered") the review request should be sent.

To make this setting, you must first click on the menu item "Reviews" in the "Trusted Shops" navigation bar.


On the overview page that now opens you will find the section "Legal Review E-Mails". Within this section is the drop-down menu "Double OptIn".

In order to send out legally compliant Review Invites, the consent of the respective customers must be obtained to send their e-mail addresses to Trusted Shops. By activating the double opt-in, you give your customers the opportunity to give their consent. All your customers have to do is activate a checkbox in the checkout process, to show that they want to receive a Review Invite from Trusted Shops after their order.
Please remember that after activating the double opt-in, you must also declare the new checkbox in your privacy policy. A legally compliant text for this purpose can be found in the Trusted Shops Extension.

Activate the Double-Opt-In by selecting "Yes" from the drop-down menu.


Then open the "Automated invites according to Magento order status" section below by clicking on the arrow on the right.


Now select "Yes" from the drop-down menu "Use Magento order status to trigger invite emails".


You can then configure how Review Invites are sent according to your wishes. In the drop-down menu "Send review request, as soon as the order status changes to" (01_16x16.png), select the order status you want to use as a reference for the dispatch date of the review request.

Under "Set delay times of shipping methods" (02_16x16.png), you can then define how many days should elapse after the previously selected status change before the Review Invite is sent.


Save your settings by clicking on "Save Config". In the plugin you have now made all the adjustments that are necessary to optimise your review requests.

Manual review requests

Using the extension provided by Trusted Shops, you also have the option of manually sending review requests for orders that go back up to six months. This is especially interesting for your initial period with Trusted Shops, in which the first reviews may still be a while in coming.

By using this function, you confirm that you have received the prior consent of your customers to transfer their data to Trusted Shops for the purpose of sending review requests by e-mail.

To do this, click on the menu item "Reviews" in the navigation bar of the Trusted Shops plugin.

Now select "Default Config" as "Scope" in the top left corner of the view (01_16x16.png). Then open the section "Manual invites according to Magento order status" (02_16x16.png) by clicking on the arrow on the right side.


In the section that now opens, you can select the period for which the orders are to be selected (01_16x16.png). You can also define which order status the orders for which you want to send review requests should have reached (02_16x16.png). You can also decide for which store view you want to send the requests (03_16x16.png).


Now press the "Save Config" (01_16x16.png) button in the top right corner to save your settings to save. Then click on the button "Export orders now" (02_16x16.png) to download an Excel file of the selected order data.


After downloading, open the Excel file and convert it into a CSV file. To use this file in the Review Collector, you must first adjust the formatting to meet the requirements of the Review Collector. In this article, we will give you the necessary instructions on how to prepare the CSV file: How to create a CSV file to send manual review invites

Then log in to your eTrusted account and follow the instructions of this guide to send review requests via the Review Collector: How can I manually invite customers for review with the Review Collector?

Configuring multi-shops with multiple Trusted Shops IDs

You have a multi-shop and sell your products for example in different languages? Then select the menu item "Account" in the navigation bar of the Trusted Shops plugin. From the overview page that now opens, you can configure all your language shops – regardless of your main shop – according to your individual needs. Simply link one of the listed Trusted Shops IDs with the Magento Shop matching the ID as described above.


You want to make changes to an already configured shop? Then click on the small arrow next to "Scope" in the upper bar, which is located above the side navigation. Then select the desired shop.


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