Trustbadge® FAQ

What is the Trustbadge®?

The Trustbadge is a vital element for getting the most out of the products provided by Trusted Shops. It combines all the advantages for you and your customers in one application. The visible component of the Trustbadge displays your trustmark – if you have one – as well as your shop reviews and is displayed at the bottom right of your shop. The technical component ensures that buyer protection is offered in the checkout process and that your customers can be reminded of a review.

Since it is a JavaScript code snippet, the Trustbadge works in every web browser and on all devices and can be integrated into your shop in just a few minutes. Once the Trustbadge is installed, your shop will also automatically benefit from new developments and features.

What advantages does the Trustbadge offer my online shop?

As soon as you have integrated the Trustbadge into your shop, the Trustbadge will always keep your trustmark and the reviews you have collected where your customers can see them. By displaying the trustmark and the authentic experience reports of other customers, the Trustbadge creates new confidence in your shop. Trust, which – as our success stories show – can result in a significant increase in conversion rates.

In addition, the Trustbadge offers your customers buyer protection after they complete an order, which also increases confidence in your offer, and supports you in collecting reviews. For example, the Trustbadge automatically identifies over 20 million consumers who have already used buyer protection and contacts them for a review request. Thanks to this automatic review reminder, 70 percent of shops have doubled their number of reviews after installing the Trustbadge.

How do I get the Trustbadge in my shop?

To benefit from the advantages of the Trustbadge, you will need to integrate the Trustbadge code into your online shop. We offer plug-ins for numerous shop software systems, which enable you to integrate the Trustbadge into your shop in just a few clicks without any programming knowledge, and adapt it to your personal requirements. But even if we do not provide a specific plugin for your shop software, you can integrate the Trustbdage in a few minutes using our instructions for manual integration. Start here with your integration and find the right instructions for your shop.

There is no space at the bottom right of my shop. Can the Trustbadge be displayed somewhere else?

The Trustbadge is displayed by default in the lower right corner of your shop. However, it is of course possible that this positioning is not right for your shop. The Trustbadge can therefore be positioned to suit your needs by using the custom and custom_reviews variants. In these instructions we will show you how you can integrate the Trustbadge in another position in your shop.

How do I change the size of the Trustbadge?

In addition to positioning, you can also use the Trustbadge variants custom and custom_reviews to individually adapt the display size of the Trustbadge to the requirements of your shop. Simply follow the steps described in this guide.

What does the Trustbadge look like on mobile devices?

With a screen width of less than 648 pixels, the Trustbadge adjusts automatically and appears in a display optimised for mobile devices. You have the option to align this mobile display of the Trustbadge individually to your shop. In this article we explain in detail which settings you can make and how the Trustbadge will then look on smartphones and tablets.

I have installed the Trustbadge, but it is not displayed correctly. What could be the reason for this?

The display of the Trustbadge depends on the status of your membership with Trusted Shops. Here are a few examples:

  • If you have booked reviews but not yet collected any, no reviews can be displayed. As soon as the first review is available, it is displayed in the Trustbadge.
  • If you have not booked the trustmark or have not yet completed certification, no trustmark will be displayed in the Trustbadge. As soon as the certification has been successfully completed, the trustmark automatically appears in your Trustbadge and buyer protection is activated for your shop.


In this article we explain the most important display variants of the Trustbadge in detail.

Can I integrate the Trustbadge into my shop even before I have passed the certification?

Yes, you can integrate the Trustbadge into your shop on the first day of your membership. All you need is your Trusted Shops ID. You can see the ID at any time on your dashboard in My Trusted Shops. Please note, however, that the display of the Trustbadge in your shop is based on the current status of your membership and automatically adapts to this. This means, for example, that the Trustbadge does not display the trustmark until certification has been successfully completed. Star ratings are of course only visible after the first shop review has been collected.

Is it possible to deactivate the Trustbadge temporarily?

Yes, this is possible. A temporary deactivation of the Trustbadge is useful, for example, if you put your shop into maintenance mode. If you use a plugin for the integration of the Trustbadge, please check whether your plugin provides a way to deactivate the Trustbadge. If, on the other hand, you have manually integrated your Trustbadge into your shop, you will need to adjust a setting on the Trustbadge code. Search for the following parameter within the Trustbadge code:


Please enter the value 'true' instead of 'false' and save your adjustments. The Trustbadge will then not be shown in your shop. However, the Trustcard will pop up on your order confirmation page, allowing your customers to give their consent to a review invite and also offering them the guarantee. Set the value for the parameter back to 'false' as soon as you want the Trustbadge to be displayed again.

How do I collect reviews with the Trustbadge?

If you have booked reviews and integrated the Trustbadge into your shop, the Trustbadge ensures that your customers can give their consent to a review reminder after completing their order. After a period of time determined by you, customers who have given their consent will be sent an e-mail requesting that they submit a review. In this way, the Trustbadge automatically collects new reviews for your shop.

Can I choose the timeframe for the review reminder myself?

Yes. Within our review platform eTrusted you can define the sending time for review reminders yourself. In this article we will explain the steps necessary for this.

Can using the Trustbadge have a negative effect on the loading time of my shop?

During the development of the Trustbadge, we placed great importance on not interfering with loading time for our members. The data for the Trustbadge comes from the High Performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Akamai. With over 150,000 servers in 92 countries, Akamai is the world's largest provider of cloud services for delivering, optimising and securing online content and business applications. It has over 3,500 customers including Apple, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, XING and Yahoo.

What data does the Trustbadge transmit to Trusted Shops?

If a browser calls up the Trustbadge, only usage data within the meaning of § 15 TMG (German Telemedia Act) are transmitted (e.g. date, time, referrer, IP address of the client) – i.e. data that is generated during every data transmission on the Internet. Personal inventory data according to § 14 TMG (e.g. name and e-mail address) are not transmitted to Trusted Shops.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the Trustbadge?

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions about the Trustbadge. Please call us on +44 203 364 5906 or send us a message at

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