Can I also integrate the Trustbadge® in another position in my shop?

The Trustbadge® is not only the central element for the optimal use of all products provided by Trusted Shops. It also presents your Trustmark and the ratings you have already collected to your customers. In order for you to benefit as much as possible from the associated conversion effect, the Trustbadge is displayed by default on every page of your online shop. In this way, it accompanies your customers throughout their entire customer journey.

Where the Trustbadge is displayed in your shop depends on two factors:

  • One important element is the display variant of the Trustbadge that you use, which you will have defined either in your plugin or in the course of your manual integration. In the reviews and default variants, the integration of which we describe in the article "How can I integrate the Trustbadge® into my shop without a plugin?", the Trustbadge is displayed by default in the bottom right corner of your shop.


(The variants reviews (left) und default)

  • Secondly, the screen width used by your customer will affect the display of the Trustbadge. For example, the Trustbadge is displayed by default in the lower left corner for screen widths of 648 px and smaller. This screen width is particularly relevant for display on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Of course, it may be the case that the default placement of the Trustbadge in the bottom right corner (for desktop computers) or in the bottom left corner (for mobile devices) does not match the concept or layout of your shop. For this reason, it is of course possible to integrate the Trustbadge in a position that is more suitable for you.

Depending on whether you want to change the placement in the desktop or mobile view, different adjustments to the Trustbadge code are necessary. Therefore, we will first explain the procedure for the desktop view and then go into the necessary steps for the mobile display of the Trustbadge.

How can I change the positioning in the desktop view?

As already mentioned above, the positioning of the Trustbadge in the desktop view depends on which display variant you select in the course of the integration. Basically, the Trustbadge exists in four variants. In both the reviews and default variants, the Trustbadge is fixed to the right-hand side of your shop in the desktop view. However, via the 'yOffset' parameter within your Trustbadge code, you have the option of moving the Trustbadge up or down on the vertical axis.

If you have integrated the Trustbadge via one of our plugins, you may be able to define the value for 'yOffset' via your plugin. In this case, manual adjustment of the Trustbadge code, as described below, is not necessary.

To do this, search for the following code line within the Trustbadge code:

'yOffset': '0', /* offset from page bottom */

Instead of 0, enter the number of pixels by which the Trustbadge should be moved upwards. If you want to move the Trustbadge downwards, you can enter a corresponding minus value. However, since the Trustbadge is displayed 54 px from the bottom edge by default, the value of the 'yOffset' parameter should not be less than -54.

Is moving the Trustbadge on the vertical axis not enough to perfectly integrate the Trustbadge into your shop? In that case, you have the option of using one of the two display variants custom or custom_reviews.

trustmark%2Breviews_copy.png 04_TB-custom_EN.png

(The variants custom_reviews (left) und custom)

In contrast to the reviews and default variants, these are not fixed to the right-hand edge of your shop, but can be placed in your shop with complete flexibility. To do this, simply follow the instructions "What display options are there for the Trustbadge® and how can I integrate it into my shop?".

How do I change the positioning in the mobile view?

No matter which variant you use in the desktop view, in the mobile view, the Trustbadge is displayed by default in the bottom left corner of your shop. This is because the mobile view of the Trustbadge is defined within the Trustbadge code using its own parameter – the 'responsive' parameter.

The 'responsive' parameter gives you various options for customising the display of the Trustbadge in your mobile webshop. We explain these options in more detail in the article "How can I adapt the mobile display of the Trustbadge®?".

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