What is the difference between the Trustmark and the Trustbadge?

Online shops that are certified by Trusted Shops and offer their customers a secure shopping experience are familiar with both the Trusted Shops Trustmark and the Trustbadge®. But what is the difference between the Trustmark and the Trustbadge? In this article we provide an overview.

Overview: Trustmark vs. Trustbadge

The Trustmark and the Trustbadge are two different products. In essence, the two products differ as follows:



The Trusted Shops Trustmark The Trustbadge®
✔︎ is displayed within the Trustbadge and shows the valid certification of the online shop. Shops with the Trustmark fulfil all quality criteria. ✔︎ shows the Trustmark and/or the rating score (depending on the shop's booked products).
✔︎ can be checked in the shop's rating profile. The status "valid" proves the validity of the seal. ✔︎ is maximised by clicking on it. The quality criteria and the rating profile of the shop can be directly accessed.
✔︎ has a high degree of recognition and brand awareness. ✔︎ is automatically maximised after a successful transaction (e.g. after checkout) to enable or indicate the conclusion of the Buyer Protection.
  ✔︎ handles the communication between Trusted Shops and the online shop, which is necessary for review invites and the one-click Buyer Protection.

More information about the Trustmark

Online shops are allowed to display the Trusted Shops Trustmark after they have been checked by our experts and their certification has been successfully completed. The Trustmark stands for trust and a great shopping experience for over 20 years and is widely known.

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More information about the Trustbadge

Technically speaking, the trustbadge is not a seal, but a widget that online shops can embed as a floating element on their website.

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However, the Trustbadge is not only used to prominently present the Trustmark and the overall rating. It also handles the entire communication between your customers, your shop and Trusted Shops in the background. This means, for example, that the Buyer Protection for certified shops can be activated with one click. In addition, your customers are invited to review their shopping experience via the eTrusted review platform without the need for additional registration.

By integrating the Trustbadge into your shop, you can use the entire range of functions of the Trusted Shops world that you have booked, increase trust and collect reviews fully automatically.

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