How to use Product Reviews?

Trusted Shops Product Reviews allow you to collect authentic reviews for the products you offer in your online shop. Your customers can thus form their own opinions about products they are interested in based on the experiences of others. This way, you give your customers valuable guidance even before they make a purchase, which has a positive effect on the performance of your shop.

Where can I find collected Product Reviews?

Product Reviews are seamlessly integrated into the eTrusted Control Center, so you instantly find your way around. Collected Product Reviews arrive in the familiar Inbox where you also manage your service reviews. To display Product Reviews only, simply use the filter and select "Product Reviews" under "Review type":


What do Product Reviews look like in the Control Center?

Collected Product Reviews look nearly the same as store reviews at first glance. Nevertheless, Product Reviews in the Inbox can be easily recognised by the grey product info located below the comment preview.


When you select a Product Review, you will find an additional "Product Details" section in the right column below the review details. There you will find the product name and an image of the product, if you have set your integration accordingly. You can also copy the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) from here, which you can use to find the product in your other systems.


Find out in the following article what your customers see when you send out Product Review invites:
What do the Product Review questionnaires look like?

How do I reply to Product Reviews?

You can reply to Product Reviews through the eTrusted Control Centre.

  1. Click on "Inbox" (01_16x16.png).
  2. Select Product Reviews (02_16x16.png).
  3. Click on the "Enter your reply here" input field (03_16x16.png).
  4. Enter answer (04_16x16.png).
  5. Check the box (05_16x16.png) if you would like to notify the person who reviewed you about your reply by e-mail.
  6. Click on "Publish reply" (06_16x16.png).

Your answer will then appear within the "Full Review List" widget in your shop.


How can I collect Product Reviews via the Trustbadge?

The first requirement to collect Product Reviews is the successful unlocking of the product via your Upgrade Center. After that, you collect product reviews automatically via your existing Trustbadge integration. Only a few lines of code need to be added.

Depending on whether you used a shop software plugin for your integration or if you integrated the Trustbadge manually, the integration of Product Reviews works differently. In these instructions you will find the information you need:

How can I collect Product Reviews via APIs?

Another way of collecting Product Reviews are APIs (Application Programming Interface). APIs are programming interfaces that enable communication via a code between two software programmes and allow the automated retrieval of data. An example of this would be the integration of Google Maps on your website.

If you want to collect product ratings via APIs, we have a suitable guide for you depending on your starting point:

A: You have already established an API connection for your work with MyTS and now want to integrate it to eTrusted. Then this guide for the API connection to eTrusted is recommended:

B: As an eTrusted user, you have not used APIs so far, but would like to collect Product Reviews via APIs. Then we recommend this article and a look at the Developer Center:

Which APIs are particularly relevant for my business?

Since APIs allow you to customise processes that are essential to a successful communication with your customers, we have listed particularly relevant eTrusted APIs for your company:

Events API

With this API you report to Trusted Shops that an Event has occurred for a customer. By setting up this connection to your own Events, Trusted Shops can automatically send out a Review Invite with a review request to your customers.

In the standard integration of this API, you have the option of retrieving relevant user data and automatically sending Review Invites after a certain number of days. With the Events API, you can, for example, send out Review Invites as soon as the order has been delivered

These are the links to the instructions for the particular functions of Event APIs in the Developer Center:

Create a new Event (triggers an invite):

Create a new Event type (in addition to the default type 'checkout'):

Create an Invite Rule or assign it to an Event type and activate it for a channel:


Questionnaire Link API

This API generates a link which you use in your own mailing to send out links for questionnaires to your customers. For this, you are not reliant on the mailing from Trusted Shops. You have the option to choose the combined questionnaire (questions on Service and Product Reviews) or the standardised questionnaire (only standardised questions).

Here is the relevant link in the Developer Center with detailed instructions:


Review Collector API

The Review Collector API collects reviews for past transactions and uses the associated customer data for this. This will immediately trigger an email invite from Trusted Shops. This API is already available for Product Reviews. A version of the Review Collector for the Control Centre is still to be released.

Here you can find concrete instructions on how to schedule new invites:

How can I display Product Reviews in my store?

How Product Reviews are displayed on your website depends on which variants you choose to include them. The following options are available:

  • Product Review Stars:
    Our Product Review Stars can be used anywhere in your shop where you want to show the overall rating of a product, for example below the product name on a product detail page..
  • Product Review Sticker:
    The Product Review Sticker is easily customisable and displays individual reviews including star ratings and comments.

In this article you will find all the information on how to display Product Reviews on your website:
How to display Product Reviews in my shop

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