Will my invite settings be adopted from My Trusted Shops?

As part of your upgrade from My Trusted Shops to the new eTrusted platform, all your settings for the sending of invites will be transferred. You can view and adjust your settings at any time under "Settings" (01_16x16.png) > "Channel settings" (02_16x16.png) > Selection of the desired channel (03_16x16.png) > "Optimise review collection" (04_16x16.png).


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Will my dates of estimated delivery be taken over?

If you already submit an Estimated Delivery Date to us via your Trustbadge integration and use it to schedule your review invites, your configuration will continue to work without any adoptions from your side. However, the actual delivery time of your review invites will change.

In My Trusted Shops, there is a period of 3 days after the expected delivery date until the review invite is sent. This behaviour changes with the upgrade to eTrusted. Instead of the three days, the time period set in the eTrusted Control Centreis observed after the submitted date is reached. This period is 7 days by default, but you can adjust it in your settings for optimised review collection.

Should I adjust my settings for optimised review collection?

You can freely select and set the period of time between the triggering event and your invite dispatch. This way you send your review invites at the perfect time.

The ability to freely choose when to send invites expands the range of potential use cases. In eTrusted, the date can not only be used for the estimated delivery, but also for scheduled events, for downloads or for term contracts. For this reason, we no longer talk about the date of expected delivery in the eTrusted Control Centre, but about the activation date.

Please make sure that the “Apply trigger date” function is active. You can find the function under "Settings" > "Channel settings" > Select the desired channel > "Optimise review collection".


We recommend adapting the automated invite dispatch to your individual needs in order to benefit from this new flexibility.

You can read all about the advantages of the trigger date and find help in setting it up here:
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